You can buy a real-life Zelda: Breath of the Wild Spirit Orb and they’re so darn pretty

You can order them from Etsy for $60 or around PS48 (without shipping). CuteMonsterProps shared this clever creation on Reddit. It instantly captured my Zelda love and a lover of shiny, round things.
These Spirit Orbs measure approximately 2 3/4 inches in diameter and are made of glass balls with a flat base. They are not replicas of the small, dodgeball-sized objects that desiccated bodies repeatedly shot into Link’s chest. It won’t roll around when you try to take photos. CuteMonsterProps uses laser engraving to create the 3D design at the orb centre, then special glass-tinting paint to give it the lovely purple colour.

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Pre-orders for Spirit Orbs are available now. Even though I don’t need them (how could I possibly need one), I am seriously considering getting one. As I mentioned, I love shiny round things.

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