What Norse mythology (and the MCU) can tell us about a God of War sequel

As God Of War moved away from the Greek mythology that inspired the original trilogy and firmly into the realms dominated by the Norse gods, there was much speculation about how big icons such as Loki and Thor could be integrated into Kratos’ story. Both characters have become household names thanks to the MCU. In reality, Thor: Ragnarok, and God of War, twist Norse mythology in ways Odin would be proud of.

It’s God of War who stays more faithful to Norse mythology. You might be able to uncover some intriguing theories from the Norse myths, which could help you understand the following stages of Kratos’ and Atreus’ storylines.

You should click away now if God of War is not finished. Seriously, you need to go. Get out now.

If you’re still here, we’ll tell you what Norse mythology has to say about the future God of War, Kratos and Atreus.

Is Loki really just the God of Mischief? 

Loki is one of the most dangerous God of War spoilers. Atreus also happens to be Loki. This revelation is because Fey, Atreus’ mother, was a giant. She originally wanted him to be called Loki, but Kratos named him after a Spartan General. Atreus/Loki in God of War is a young boy. It is best to accept the strangeness of the lot without worrying about their biology and geology.

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The MCU’s Loki is a scheming, shape-shifting coward who only cares about shallow pleasures. He’s also playful, malicious, and mischievous, which fits with the god’s traditional portrayal.

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Atreus discovers that he is a god in the game when he asks Kratos if he can transform into a wolf. This is a reference to Loki’s traditional powers and his relationship with Fenrir from mythology. The only thing we know about Atreus’ godlike qualities so far is his ability to speak languages and the fact that he hears voices. Baldur sought them out because Odin is desperate for this ability.

However, there is a hint that something sinister is on the horizon. Atreus and Kratos discover the gigantic shrine that tells the entire story of Loki just before they scatter the ashes. It ends with an ominous and futuristic final panel.

Although the actual meaning of this panel is not known at the end of God of War, it does not look suitable for Kratos moving forward. It’s not known what Loki Atreus’ true identity will be. This leaves plenty of room for interpretation, especially regarding whether Atreus is healing, harming or doing something entirely different for Kratos. We will undoubtedly see if Atreus can live up to what Loki is traditionally portrayed as.

What’s Thor got to do with it?

Thor is not an essential character in God of War, but he does play a role as the God of Thunder. He sends Magni and Modi to track down Kratos or Atreus. However, you don’t see him in the game. Once you have taken Fey’s ashes up to the top of Jotunheim’s mountain, go home and get to sleep. Atreus exclaimed that he was going to “sleep throughout winter”. Father and son will be greeted by a visitor when they wake up “years later”. Although he doesn’t say much, it’s evident that he is here to discuss Ragnarok.

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Thor’s thunderous entrance at God of War’s end suggests that he will play a similar role in the series’ Ragnarok version as he did in the MCU. It is just a matter of why Thor is going to see Kratos or Atreus. Is he going to need their assistance in stopping Ragnarok’s progress? Is he able to use the prophecy power that only Atreus (the last giant) would have? Is he trying to make his two sons Magni & Modi, pay for their deaths?

Ragnarok and the future of God of War

Ragnarok is the next stage of the God of War story. Thor’s arrival is a clear indication, and the numerous references to Fimbulwinter indicate that it’s on its way. Ragnarok is a painful reminder for some characters from God of War. Or go through your Codex Lore section and go through the Serpent’s Origins notes. Thor punched the giant serpent so hard it travelled backwards through time. This is why it has issues together with Thor and his statue at the Lake of Nine.

Atreus/Loki is, in fact, already on the right track to fulfil the prophecies about Ragnarok. Loki using mistletoe to kill Baldur is one of the Ragnarok catalysts according to Norse mythology. According to myths, Baldur is protected from any harm or death, just like God Of War. This is due to Freya’s agreement with all things that could harm him, except mistletoe. Baldur’s invulnerability is broken by the mistletoe quiver that holds Atreus’ quiver together.

The MCU was the source of my original knowledge about Ragnarok. It is the premise of Thor that Ragnarok is an upcoming event. The MCU does it differently than the traditional mythology. It causes Asgard’s destruction, but thankfully not all of its inhabitants.

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You can view Asgard inside Tyr’s temple. However, Odin has prevented anyone from travelling there using the Bifrost. Never. Or at the very least, until the next God of War comes out or some delicious story DLC. The talk of Ragnarok means that Asgard will eventually be included in the God of War story. Ragnarok is the prophecy that contains the downfall of both the cosmos and its Norse gods, goddesses, and all of them who happen to be living in Asgard.

Next, Loki and Fenrir send a large army to Asgard. Surtr, the giant fire monster from Thor: Ragnarok who also sets the final trials for the God of War Muspelheim Challenges, came alongside him and made everything a vast inferno. As they have done before, Thor and the World Serpent fight; Surtr & Freya both lose to each other; while Loki & Heimdall (the far-seeing Watchman of Asgard, played by Idris Elba in MCU) are engaged in a deadly battle. Baldur, the Norse god of the Underworld, returns to the surface long after this has happened, with Lif and Lifthrasir, a new human couple. This starts the world over again, and all the Norse gods will return.

Freya will seek revenge for Baldur’s death. We know Thor is going to fight the World Serpent. Several key characters are already in place. Surtr has been mentioned as well.

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