Warzone Juggernaut: Tips for killing the Juggernaut and winning the new Royale mode

Although Warzone Juggernaut mode has been around for a while, it is still available occasionally. The Warzone Juggernaut mode takes the Call of Duty Warzone strategy and adds a Juggernaut suit.

Juggernaut trios explained

Warzone Juggernaut Royale works much like a standard battle royale game. This time, the Juggernaut suit will be placed on the map shortly after the match has started.

Are you familiar with Fortnite’s Thanos mode? The Juggernaut has a powerful weapon, the minigun, and more armor. This makes them difficult to take down. The Juggernaut’s minigun can easily take down any vehicle, so don’t just jump in one and run them over.

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It is chaos when the suit drops in, as you would expect. Either rush to become the first in the suit, and players will hunt you down for hours. Or you can wait and strike when the Juggernaut becomes weak. The suit will be destroyed when the owner dies.

How to kill the juggernaut in Warzone

You should save your killstreaks, launchers, and other weapons if you know that you will be facing the Juggernaut at one point. The Juggernaut is slower than the average soldier, so take advantage of their slow speed and use it against them. Keep moving if you are caught in the open. Because of its speed, it is easy for Juggernauts to escape the safe zone. It might even try to shoot you.

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