Top 9 Best Auto App Killer Applications for Android

An auto app killer application is required to fix slow speeds when opening multiple apps on your smartphone. Slow speed is caused by low phone storage or RAM and multi-tasking.

The app running in the background can drain your battery and use additional resources like RAM, making your phone slower. This issue can be solved by downloading some of the top Android auto app killer apps.

These apps are not compatible with the latest smartphones as they have high-end technology and updated android versions. We care about people who use older versions of Android, such as Android 4.0. These applications are best for those who have an older version.

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Top 9 Auto App Killer Applications for Android in 2021

We have listed the best apps to boost your phone’s battery life, save it from overcharging, and more. Each application has its own terms and condition.

1. Advanced Task Manager

One tap to boost your phone’s performance You can customize everything with this application. You can only kill the applications that you choose. You can see everything on the CPU lagging monitor so you can verify the performance.

It is compatible with most Android versions. Gps running in the background drain your battery and consume too much RAM. This application eliminates Gps apps automatically and speeds up the phone. This is one of the best auto app killer application in 2021.

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2. Task Killer

One-click and you can free up space on your phone as well as increase your phone’s speed. It’s also one of the most powerful app killer applications. Task Killer checks your memory usage and gives you the appropriate information about any application that is using a lot of memory.

3. Greenify

This app has everything you need to fix your speed or lag issues. Greenify is a powerful technology that makes your phone run smoother and faster. It eliminates all unnecessary applications and prevents them from causing problems on your phone.

Greenify’s hibernation technology is what I love about it. It doesn’t collect personal data which is my favorite feature. Greenify is the best choice if you’re looking to extend your battery life by using a auto app killer software.

4. Simple System Monitor

This application will show you all stats regarding your Phone’s usage. It is no longer possible to view the CPU stats in the latest android versions. This application fixes the problem and allows you to see all information about your phone’s memory or CPU usage.

This application can only be used on rooted devices. The floating model is my favorite feature of this app which makes it one of a kind auto app killer. It shows data in a small floating window that can be viewed from other apps.

5. SystemPanel 2

This is a powerful application that allows you to see all the information on your phone in a graphic form.

In a graph, you can see all the details of each application. The UI is professional and appealing. System panel 2 allows you to track all applications. It required root to access some options. This application will give you technical feelings. 

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6. Taskmanager

Task Manager is an app that kills auto apps and has no ads. The application is completely ad-free and has a simple Ui that’s easy to use. Multi-language support makes this application very useful and universally usable. You can add shortcuts to your Home screen and close applications in one click. This makes it much easier to use auto task killer app

7. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

This application is the best choice for you if you are concerned about your battery life. Every charge will increase your battery life. Kaspersky is a popular name in the tech world. It’s completely free for Android phones or tablets.

Kaspersky’s best feature is that it monitors all applications and provides you with exact information about battery usage by analyzing each one. You will also be notified if any of your apps consume too much power, so you can take appropriate action. It is the most advanced and intelligent battery optimization application on the market. 

8. KillApps: Close all apps running

This amazing application will solve your heating problems. This powerful application will speed up your phone and kill any app. Optimize your RAM and Free up memory You can also increase your gaming performance by optimizing your RAM.

9. Hibernation Manager

You can access hibernate apps and Cpu settings. This application manages your phone’s hibernation so you can have a fast device.

Application hibernation stops background apps from running and saves you tons of battery. This app has a drawback. CPU hibernation can only be used by root users.

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