Top 5 Coolest Gadgets Discussed in 2020

In year 2020, new inventions were made in the world of technology. Let’s take a look at some of these inventions.

The ‘Five Gadgets’ was in the discussing in year 2020

The year 2020 has come to an end with bitter memories of Corona. Meanwhile, new discoveries have been made in the world of technology. Let’s take a look at some of the gadgets that were highly acclaimed last year. These gadgets were at the Consumer Electronics Show with Advance and Future Technology.

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1) Land roller wheelchair :


This year the Landroller company presented its resizing wheelchair at the show. Which will be very useful for the disabled. Where the traditional wheelchair always stays in the sitting position, the user can change the shape in the landroller as per his convenience. She comes to a standing position in a matter of seconds. She is also able to overcome obstacles on the road, such as speed breakers, stairs.

2) Selfie type :


This is a virtual keyboard, which will work on all types of flat surfaces. The selfie type operates from the user’s smartphone’s selfie camera. The camera tracks the movements of the user’s fingers. That is, it captures finger movements in real time in the same way that it is typed on a keyboard. Samsung’s keyboard works on all types of devices, smartphones and tablets.

3) Atomos Moscops :


Considering the growing problem of pollution in the whole world, AO Air Company has come up with a special type of Atmos mask. It has a starting price of USD 350. The mask was needed this year after the outbreak of the corona virus. However, its launch was delayed due to covid. This mask is very useful to protect from contamination.

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4) Prostate Hands :


Benco introduced the final version of the prosthetic hand last year. These AI-powered prosthetic arms work through the waves and muscle signals in the user’s brain. This means it will work after the user thinks. Users can easily do things like painting, writing and playing musical instruments. It has been approved. It will cost around Rs 7 lakh.

5) Touchscreen microwave :


American company GE Appliance has launched a microwave. It is named Kitchen Hub. It comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered computer vision. This will allow you to plan a meal. It also gives tips to stop food waste. Netflix can also be viewed on a 27-inch screen. Inside is a camera, which shows the cooking of food.

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