Top 5 Alternatives of Xmarks for Bookmark Sync

Bookmarks are like checkpoints. We all love surfing the web. Bookmarks allow us to save web pages or websites that are of particular interest. Sometimes, however, we need to log in to another computer to search for something. In those cases, our bookmarks might be lost.

This is where XMarks Bookmarks sync services come in. This bookmark sync tool syncs all of your bookmarks across all devices. There are many bookmarks sync applications available on the market. We will explore them all today.

While most of us forget about our bookmarks sometimes, these bookmarks syncing services don’t. These services allow you to bring your bookmarks with you wherever you go. This is a great time-saver as most of the essential web services and websites are saved as bookmarks. This page will provide you with the top Xmarks alternatives for synchronizing your bookmarks.

Best XMarks Alternatives For Bookmarks Synchronization

There are many bookmarking apps on the market. However, not all of them are cross-platform. We have compiled a list of top XMarks bookmark synchronization services that you’ll love to use. Let’s now check out these services without further delay.

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1., a bookmark syncing site, can save you articles, photos, and screenshots. You can also save multiple bookmarks, and you can categorize them in different folders. is available as an extension to your browser. No matter what OS you are using, will work with your browser.’s audio tag system is the best thing about it. It automatically tags bookmarks with relevant data, so that you can find them easier.

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2. TeamSync Bookmarks

TeamSync Bookmarks is a bookmark-saving utility that can be used for group projects. If you have a group working on something, bookmarks can be shared with everyone. Only the leader of the group has the ability to modify or delete bookmarks.

This service is free and can be used for personal purposes. It supports Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. TeamSync Bookmarks is integrated with Slack, allowing you to share your bookmarks. You can also add bookmarks from Slack, and notify your group simultaneously.

3. iCloud Bookmarks

This is for Apple users who use Safari browsers on their mac OS computer or laptops. iCloud bookmarks allow you to sync Safari bookmarks with other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to transfer their bookmarks to a new computer or to use a friend’s computer to search.

You will need to download the official iCloud desktop application for Windows users. You will be able to sync your photos, mail, and other details. If you are an Apple user, iCloud is the best choice for you.

4. functions more as a front-page extension than syncing bookmarks. It does offer bookmarks synchronization services, which can save web pages and notes as well as calendars.’s interface is very simple to use.

You can add widgets or blocks as many times as you like while saving data such as news, notes, and bookmarks. You can install it as an extension so that you can sync bookmarks on multiple computers. To sync your bookmarks with their server, you will need to add them to your account.

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5. RoboForm

Roboform was originally designed to be a password manager. Its functionality has since expanded to include bookmarks saving. It can save passwords and bookmarks. You can access your bookmarks and login information from any computer you log into, even if you’re not logged in.

This is a great combination as you may have different login credentials for saved websites. RoboForm can be used for free and comes with a $19.95/year pro version that supports synchronization services.


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