Top 15 Blur Background Apps for Android

Everyone wants to capture beautiful images to show them to the world. There is significant scope in the photography field. Images have become the way by which people will judge you. So everyone wants to look good in their photos. However, some can afford cameras and some are not. But what if you got the best Blur Background Apps for Android? It will be more fun. 

You can do many things with your photos to look like the photos are taken through DSLR. These apps will help you enhance the quality and give several effects to the images. Well, you will be surprised that the decent camera of your android phone can take DSLR-type pictures. Even your friends and family will also confuse about how the picture is taken.

You can get Lens Blur, Motion blur, in-depth effects with these Background Blur Camera Apps. Blurring the photo background helps increase the focus, which also helps improve your photos. You can’t create a blurred background without these apps, so let’s check out all the Apps to Blur Background in 2021 we compiled for you.

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15 Best Background Blur Camera Apps | Apps to Blur Background in 2021

1. Google Camera

This app contains various features that will take your pictures to the next level. This app is on the trending list and is selected as the best photo blurring app for android. You will get the portrait mode here, which will focus on a particular thing and blur the Background.

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Download Google Camera

2. After Focus

The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that will attract you. You have to select the portion on which you have to focus, and the rest thing or Background of the photo will get blur. The app is chosen as the best android app to blur the Background by various forums.

Download After Focus

3. Blur Image

The app will allow you to focus on a specific thing and make the other thing blur. You can manually select the part you want to focus on. You will not be able to take the pictures through the app. You have to choose the images from your phone gallery manually. You can save all work to sd card or can directly share that to social media easily.

Download Blur Image

4. Instagram Focus Effect

If you are an Instagram user, you must know that you can give effects to your pictures through it. Instagram is not just social media but also a great app to edit your photographs.

Download Instagram

5. Blur Image

DSLR Focus effect Unlike Google Camera, you can not take pictures with this app, but you can blur the existing ones. Once you import the images, you can adjust the blur level in it. This will blur the entire picture and then you can unblur the subject by using the brush tool. Although it takes some time to get the desired effect, the results are decent.

6. DSLR Camera Blur Background

The app is for average users who need to give blur effects to the photo. You will get the additional feature along with the blur effect, i.e., the bokeh effect. You can set the blur level here along with the bokeh effect.

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Download DSLR Camera Blur Background

7. Blur

It is different from all apps, as well as it’s a handy app for photo editing. It will change the strength of your photo. You have to load the image from your gallery and start editing it. With the help of a brush, you can select the part where you want all your focus.

Download Blur

8. Bokeh (Background defocus)

The app consists of an inbuilt camera through which you have to take photos. After taking pictures, you get the various options to do with your photos. You can control the blur effect and the blur level of the photo.

Download Bokeh

9. Focus Effects

The app is to help you to blur the Background and only for those users who want a simple app to blur the Background. The app is free, focusing on any part of the photo. You will also get the back & white and blur effect features here.

Download Focus Effects

10. Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk is also a photo editing that you must try if you’re looking for an artificial blur effect in your photos. It has powerful blur effects, which you can use to retouch your photos and give them a professional look. The best part about this app is that it is a complete photo editing solution. So if you’re into mobile editing, then give this app a try.

Download Autodesk Pixlr

11. Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera background is not exactly a photo editing app. Cymera Camera camera allows you to locate the focus point exactly where you want in each photo. This technology makes the picture looks professional life photo.

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Download Cymera Camera

12. Point Blur (Blur Photos)

This is one of the best applications for blurry photo effects. The idea is that you can delete part of your image or photo with the app. It is also possible to remove or blur a part of the image or the whole image.

Download Point Blur (Blur Photos)

13. Blur Image Background Editor

 Blur Image Background is an app that is used to blur images. This application is totally free to use. It helps you to blur the background using a brush and magnifying tools. Blur Image Background Editor can easily blur part of the background in your image very simply. You can change the brush size, and you can also change the opacity of the blur as desire. Simply touch, zoom in and out, and move the images to the desired size to apply the blur effect.

Download Blur Image Background Editor

14. Picsart

Since you are looking for a background blur photo editor, you can give Picsart a try. It offers many blur effects such as normal blur, smart blur, motion blur, etc.

Download Point Blur (Blur Photos)

15. Snapseed

The app is widely used due to its easy-to-use interface impactful editing tools. Snapseed provides you with many options enough to give a professional touch to your photos. You can easily blur your image background while the focused object pops out in the picture. You can shape crop your pictures, add HDR effect, add stickers, and more. You can add high-quality effects to your photos, balance color contrasts, and control the level of blurriness in the pictures.

Download Snapseed

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