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Top 10 Guest Mode Apps for Android

Do you feel nervous sharing your phone with others as well? You want security. Any app, including WhatsApp or gallery, can be accessed by anyone. This is because they have a curiosity to see what other people are doing. You don’t want security breaches from friends or family.

Even if you’re at home, no one can access your privacy. To avoid this awkward situation, you have the option of guest mode. To help you, we have compiled seven of the best guest mode apps.

10 Best Guest Mode Apps | Guest Mode Apps for Android

1) SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

The app is robust and extremely useful. You can create multiple accounts from the app, just like on a computer. You can also create accounts for family members and friends. You can also put safety restrictions on your account.

You can, for example, limit the opening of WhatsApp or gallery in your account name as a friend. The same goes with family members.

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Root access is required to enable all features and operating system functionality. If your phone isn’t rooted, you won’t be able to install it. Although the app is free, you will need to purchase in-app features.

2) Protect your privacy

The app is simple to use and provides strong security. You can create multiple guest accounts and have multiple apps enabled.

Only a handful of apps will be available to the guest user. You will choose which ones. You will not be able to access all the apps even in guest mode. It’s an easy-to-use app. It’s free and contains no ads.

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3) Built-In Guest Mod

Every phone can now have a prebuilt option for guest mode after Android 5.0 (lollipop). This feature allows for temporary storage and creates parallel accounts. You can’t access any information here because the guest mode is a separate account.

You can’t even make calls in guest mode. The temporary storage that you have in guest mode is not permanently saved, so it’s still available. It is available in the app so you don’t have to download it or pay anything.

4) Double Screen

Similar to the previous, this app also creates multiple accounts. The best part about this app is the ease with which you can create and change accounts often. Each account has its own set of blocked and permitted apps. You will choose which one you prefer. Switching to another account will cause the home screen to change and all blocked apps will be disabled.

You can customize the home screen with widgets and a clock that doesn’t feel restricted to guests. You can also create two accounts for your home and work. This app makes it easy to switch accounts. If you want to use the guest mode app simultaneously, this app can be used in its entirety. This app is completely free and contains no ads.

5) Kiosk Lockdown Limaxock

This app is designed to make your phone Kiosk. A kiosk is a device that indicates a restricted machine, used for a particular purpose. Its primary purpose is to restrict all apps and only show allowed apps without switching between them.

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Enabling the app will put it in guest mode. This means that the app can be used with any restrictions you have set up in the app. The app will replace your default launcher and allow you to use it. This app doesn’t require root access. The app is completely free and does not contain any ads.

6) Applock Pro

This is something completely different. You will also get multiple accounts and the vault where you can store your stuff. This app offers two options. You can create accounts, switch between them, give to others, and limit the app to your liking.

To make sure that no one sees your important apps, you can hide them so they don’t feel restricted. Although the app is completely free, some features must be purchased in-app.

7) Kids Place

This app is ideal if you’re looking for the guest mode app to use with your children. You can set restrictions anywhere in this app. You will need to create a guest account for your children, just like in any other app. Data restrictions can also be set to prevent your children from accessing the internet too often.

You can get around the app by simply restarting your phone. To manage all accounts for your kids, you will need to create a root account after installing the app. You can reset the root user password by email if you forget it. This will regain your access. It is completely free and does not contain ads.

8) AUG Launcher

AUG Launcher for Android is one of the most popular and well-known launchers. You can also use it in owner or guest mode. AUG Launcher can transfer all sensitive information to the owner’s account in case you need to give your device away.

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You can hide apps in the Guest mode. The hidden apps will not be visible. AUG Launcher offers a fully-featured app locker. AUG Launcher is yet another great Android guest mode app you can use.

9) App Locker and Guest Mode

App Locker with guest mode is one of the most highly rated Android’s Visitor Mode apps available on Google Playstore. This app allows you to lock down sensitive apps that are being used by others.

It is possible to create two modes: Admin mode and Visitor mode. Visitors mode has full access, while Adin mode will have all the necessary permissions. The app also allows customers to set up other passwords for different modes. This is something that’s particularly attention-grabbing.

10) Kids Launcher- Parental Control and Kids Mode

Parents who need to give their children a smartphone for gaming purposes will find Kids Launcher – Parental control and Kids Mode useful. Children can also take over your phone and modify or steal sensitive files, data, or photos.

Kids launcher allows you to create a separate area for your children where they can specify which apps they will use and not. This app is great for parents.

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