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Tinder Device Ban: How to Get Unbanned From Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular and number 1 dating apps with millions of users worldwide. According to research, Tinder has the highest number of users than any other dating app there is.

According to Matchgroup, there are 6.7 million paying subscribers of Tinder as of 2020.

Like every other app, Tinder has its own privacy policy and set of community guidelines, which if you fail to abide by, you will be the next to get banned from the Tinder dating app.

Over the past years, Tinder has incorporated many safety protocols and measures to protect its users.

Many users, both male and female, have reported complaints of getting banned by the app for no reason.

Thus, to protect your Tinder account from getting banned by the app, you must follow and abide by all its rules and regulations.

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Why did Tinder ban you?

There can be multiple reasons behind your account getting banned by the app.

In the last year, there has been immense popularity of people searching how to get unbanned from the Tinder account.

This is because, in 2020, Tinder rolled out a critical update in which, if Tinder bans any user’s account, he also gets the device banned. Meaning, the user cannot create another Tinder account on the same device, resulting in which he will get banned again instantly.

Tinder mostly bans an account if it gets reported by other users several times or if they disobey the app’s rules and regulations.

Here are a few reasons why Tinder banned your account/ device:

Policy violation and fake profile

One of the primary reasons for getting banned on the account is creating a fake profile. There are numerous fake and scam profiles on Tinder created for cyber-bullying or hacking of personal and sensitive user data. There is also the possibility of these fake accounts belonging to sexual predators.

You must use accurate information and be specific with your profile by furnishing specific personal interests not to get banned by the app.

Also, if you come across any such suspicious or fake accounts, you are free to report them. Once you report these accounts, the creators of Tinder decide to either block or ban them. These creators of Tinder are continuously working on handling such scam accounts.

Use of offensive or inappropriate language

Any user who uses inappropriate language or language that can offend the second person has a high chance of getting banned by the app.

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If you use such offensive language, the second person has the right to report your account, resulting in getting permanently banned.

To prevent this situation, it is better to avoid inappropriate language and go through Tinder’s privacy policy and community guidelines for more information and knowledge.

Being homophobic or disrespectful towards other genders

Tinder is an app for everyone, including the LGBTQ community. So tinder won’t tolerate homophobic users or users who disrespect other sexual preferences.

While you create your profile, make sure to clearly state your sexual interest and preference and avoid any kind of discrimination or disrespectful behavior.

Spam accounts

Spamming and spam accounts are another major reason for Tinder banning your account. Constantly texting and sending annoying messages to someone uninterested in you and spamming their inbox can lead to your account getting blocked, or you might receive a warning.

Tinder also identifies and blocks if someone copies and paste the same message to different accounts.

Being racist

Tinder has a strict policy and has no place for racism. Tinder notes if a person is sending or using racist texts and warns the account immediately.

If the user doesn’t stop this behavior and continues using racist language, the app bans the account instantly without any second warning. Tinder takes racism strictly and seriously.

Posting inappropriate pictures

Another critical privacy policy that Tinder has is the picture policy. Tinder does not tolerate inappropriate pictures on users’ profiles.

The app bans users from using violating images or images like animal corpses as Tinder believes they are not fit for the platform.


What happens when your device gets banned by Tinder?

The days when you could buy a new phone number after getting banned on tinder are long gone. Since 2020 tinder has started banning the device/cell phone along with the number using the device id which cannot be changed easily. It sounds crazy but it’s true, you would have to buy a whole new phone to use the tinder app again.

Once Tinder bans your account, you will receive the error message “Your account has been banned”, if you try logging in again.

If your account gets banned, you need to note the following:

  • Your mobile number gets permanently banned from the platform.
  • Your account will get blocked immediately.
  • You cannot reach or access any of your matches or conversations.
  • If you have subscribed to premium services through the app store, you will have to cancel your subscription with the provider.
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How to get unbanned from Tinder?

When you try to login into your Tinder account and receive an error code 40303, it means that Tinder has banned your account.

The first step towards resolving this issue or removing the ban on your Tinder account is to reach out to the Tinder support team.

You can send a message to the Tinder Support team if you are unable to log in.

You need to do this, especially if you are an unpaid Tinder member and have behaved in a manner that violates the platform’s rules and regulations, as it wouldn’t make sense for you to wait around to reopen your account.

Have a look at the steps to follow to contact the Tinder support team:

  1. Write an email to Tinder about your issue/ situation through your mobile device or PC.
  2. The recipient should be [email protected]
  3. Make sure you use polite and respectful language in the email that you send to Tinder.
  4. Wait for Tinder to respond.

Even though this is the first step to follow if your account gets banned, it does not guarantee that your account will get unbanned. So, to start using Tinder again, you will have to do something more than this.

After the new update, as discussed earlier, tinder now also blocks the device ID.

If you want to use Tinder again, you cannot use it using the same mobile number, email ID, IP address, and mobile device.

According to the Tinder privacy policy, the platform now collects the device ID on which the user uses the Tinder app. This makes it even more challenging to create a new account on the same device. Earlier, the user could change the mobile number and create a new Tinder account, which is no longer possible.

One solution is to use the platform on the web browser of their PC, laptop, or mobile device through a different IP address to use Tinder again. The browser does not collect the device ID like the application, making it possible for the user to use it on the web browser.

Another solution is to jailbreak ios or root the android phone and change the device id. But this solution has way too many risks and disadvantages. Many people are afraid to root or jailbreak their devices as if done incorrectly; it can wipe up all your device’s data and end up with a useless device that is no longer of any use.

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Also, the apps you would use to jailbreak your device might contain malicious or poorly written code, causing your device’s OS to crash. Another disadvantage is that it might void your warranty or decrease your phone’s battery life.

Thus, providing such applications to your device’s root access can cause a great deal of harm to your mobile device and its software.

Even if you are thinking of getting a new mobile device, we recommend you not getting a second-hand mobile device. This is because if Tinder already banned the second-hand device you bought because of its previous owner, you won’t be able to create an account with your phone number even if it isn’t your fault.

You could also use online Tinder phone verification. It is not workable to get an altogether new sim just to use Tinder. That’s when this service comes to use. Make sure you use tinder on web browser if you dont have a device that has not been banned on tinder.

Tinder shadow bans users using VoIP phone numbers, which is why you require a sim-based or non-VoIP phone number for Tinder.

Tinder phone verification can help users get a new sim-based phone number online or a non-VoIP phone number for Tinder to receive a verification code while login in through the web browser.

Almost 99% of the companies that sell online phone numbers deal with or sell VoIP phone numbers. The issue with these phone numbers is that they are meant for different purposes and not to receive verification codes and for other verification services. This is because most of the websites and applications allow user verification through an actual sim-based mobile number.

So if your device is banned by Tinder, before you buy a completely new mobile device and waste your precious money, you can instead opt for a non-VoIP phone number for Tinder and use it to login on to Tinder through your mobile’s or PC’s web browser which is a much more convenient and feasible solution.


In this article, I explained everything you need to know about the Tinder device ban, why Tinder bans you, what happens next, and how you can start using Tinder again after your account gets banned.

It’s very important to remember that Tinder takes the complaints it receives very seriously and is strict with its rules and regulations.

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