The Outer Worlds Targeting Module: Should you give it to Graham or Sanjar?

You may create one of the countless choices in Outer Worlds, deciding that to provide the targeting module is just really a catchy person. Can you pick Graham along with also the Iconoclasts or Sanjar along with Monarch Stellar Industries?

Your choice comes by the ending of this air-free Monarch pursuit, also crosses together using all the Canid’s Cradle pursuit. The point of no recurrence comes so on when you mend radio stations Hiram and see the cut scene wherever the boat crashes. Once that is completed, you will be in a position to grab the Targeting Album and confront the option of that to donate it all too.

Be cautioned there are spoilers under to get a pursuit mid-way throughout the match.

How to get the best ending

To find the very best ending to your Canid’s Cradle pursuit, there is something which you have to own detected. In the event you have seen evidence of Graham being liable to your Amber Heights massacre in earlier times, you are in a position to talk together with Zora regarding it and then face Graham. Otherwise, you’re able to maintain Graham as boss of these Iconoclasts. In any event, in case your address knowledge is large enough. You also can convince the Iconoclasts to negotiate together with MSI, so long because you can convince Sanjar to complete precisely exactly the exact very same thing.

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If you may convince the two parties to accept negotiate, then go into the church only out Stellar Bay and manage the discussion. Doing so could make certain you maintain peace of both functions, plus a lot of those Iconoclasts can proceed into Stellar Bay.

Giving the Targeting Module to Sanjar or Graham/Zora

If you opt to provide the module into the other, your standing will jump revered with all the faction you decide. Nevertheless, you will be loathed by one other since you must kill their whole faction. In the case of Sanjar, additionally, you will obtain the MSI Saltuna Searer, even an exceptional plasma flame-thrower. In contrast, Graham can provide you the fantastic Word, even some more exceptional lighting machine weapons. Persuading equally factions together is as you would expect — that exactly the best results, but should you truly dislike possibly MSI or your Iconoclasts, today you are aware of very well exactly what the benefits would be. Additionally, you will receive faction’s assist during the final assignment; of course, if you create sure they are, they’ll possibly allow you to outside!

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