The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Forest Temple walkthrough

To obtain Epona, you must first visit Lon Lon Ranch with an adult before making your way to Forest Temple. Although you will need to beat Ingo in two races, Epona is well worth the effort. Locate Dampe’s tombstone, and remove it to reveal his floating ghost. Beat his challenge, and you’ll be rewarded with the Hookshot.

Follow the musical cues to get to the Forest Temple. The Minuet of Forest will be taught by Sheik, which will take you straight to the temple when you play it. These songs and the Prelude of Light will be helpful as you move around the map. To begin the quest, you can use the Hookshot to get into the temple.

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This is the central idea. The four torches are to be lit in the middle room. Each torch represents a Poe ghost, which has flown to different parts of the temple. Light them by finding their portraits and then the ghost.

Fighting the Phantom GanonThis is not Ganon. He is a ghostly, ghostly shell pretending to be him. His first strategy is to gallop out of the portraits, zapping you with energy. To fight back, draw your bow, ignore any decoy Ganon’s, and fire an arrow at the real Ganon as it flies out. It would help if you then knocked his energy balls back.

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Next stop: Goron City and Fire Temple

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