Where to find Super Mario Odyssey hint art and how to solve them

We have good and bad news for those who want to explore more culture in Super Mario Odyssey. After you finish the main story, there are bits and pieces of art scattered around each Kingdom. We mean pieces that hint at the locations of super-secret Power Moons in each Kingdom.

1. Moon audience

You can find the hint artwork here: Cap Kingdom – After you have defeated the Broodal boss, save the town from destruction, go down to the Central Plaza, and take a look at the Sometimes Bridge side by side. There you will find the art.

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You can find the moon where: Moon Kingdom – Once you have defeated Bowser.

The solution is: Take the Odyssey and walk towards the group of characters looking at Earth from far away. To find the Power Moon, pound the area just behind the Lochlady’s ridge.

2. Walking Koopa and bushes 

You can find the hint artwork here: Wooded Kingdom: Once you are off the Odyssey, go straight ahead between the trees and then turn left to the back of the tree.

The solution is: We know that it features the Walking Koopa, but you don’t need to visit him to find the Power Moon. Instead, you can warp to the TostarenaRuins Round Tower and jump from the Northside.

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4. Keep 

You can find the hint artwork here: Seaside Kingdom – Turn left at the Odyssey and go towards the ledge next to the green pipe.

You can find the moon where: Metro Kingdom.

The solution is: This is the easiest way to go. Run to the Main Street Entrance and then continue forward until you see KEEP CLEAR written on the road. To find a Power Moon, ground pound over the two E’s.

5. Shadow 

You can find the hint artwork here: Dark Side – Run around behind the piles of fruit to your right and jump up to the third floor of the middle island. The hint art can be found there.

You can find the moon where: Lost Kingdom.

Cross the forest overgrowth until you reach the point where the red sand meets the dark soil. Continue running to your left until you reach a V-shaped area of dark soil on top of the red sandy between two rocks. This bit of soil will have a triangular shadow. Ground pound it for a Power Moon.

6. Columns

Once you are there, exit the flag to the right and then float down to the entrance at the bottom. Run towards the right from the dome. The stump of a pillar is behind the Talkatoo. Ground pound it on the right side and boom! Now you have a Power Moon.

7. Green squares 

You can find the hint artwork here: Dark Side – In the lower right-hand corner, behind the cluster of fruit on the Southern end of the first platform.

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The solution is: Turn to the North-East, following the Odyssey. Continue up a hill until reaching a square garden. Put your weight in the middle of the grass to get rid of it.

Then, follow the left-hand trail that runs through the middle of your garden until you reach the outer circle of bushes closest to the turreted tower. (You’re at the right spot if there are three coins you want to collect). The ground pound is in the middle section of the bushes.

The last bit! Turn right onto the path and continue straight ahead past Toad, the gardener. When you reach the outer section, pound the path between the two bushes. You’ll find the Power Moon there!

8. Parrot, binoculars, parasol 

You can find the hint artwork here: Dark Side – The Eastern side of the platform where the binoculars are sitting.

If you see three parasols at their highest level, then you are in the right spot. To get a Power Moon, you need to ground pound between them.

9. Luncheon Kingdom spot the difference

You can find the moon where: Luncheon Kingdom

The solution is: Run towards the huge, bubbling blue stewpot. Look behind the stewpot to find the third pillar from the east (a pillar, not a stump).

10. Helipad

You can find the hint artwork here: Dark Side – The northern section of the left-hand side is where you will find the fruit pile on the first platform.

You can find the moon where: Metro Kingdom

The solution is: Turn north to the Heliport. You can get a Power Moon by simply grounding pound the yellow rectangle section to the right of the H.

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