Steps to Fix a Sticky Button on Xbox one Controller

Fixing a stuck button on an Xbox One controller For gamers, the most frequent issue is sticky or stuck buttons while using an Xbox one controller. It can be difficult to play games at full capacity when the buttons on your controller do not have enough speed to respond. It’s an easy fix for anyone who has equipment and a bit of patience. If you believe us that it’s much less difficult and less costly to go to the store and purchase a new remote.

Why are my Xbox one controller buttons sticky?

Dust and dirt along with hand oil is the main reason for keys of game controllers that are sticky. Drinks and snacks from games that come into touch with controllers may also contribute to. We are aware that it isn’t an appealing psychic, however, there are ways to get rid of it and have the buttons function as fresh as they did when you first got them.

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How can I fix a sticky button on the Xbox one controller?

There are a few tried and tested methods to patch the controller keys that stick. The method you choose to use is completely on how poor the controller is as well as your comfort level.

Solution 1. Clean up buttons using alcohol and Q-tips

It’s as simple as cleaning the buttons in case you’ve noticed a tiny bit of stickiness or some spilled on the controller. Take a few Q-tips with you for this simple cleaning tutorial and ruby alcohol.

  1. Then, disconnect the controller.
  2. Dip the Q-tip into ruby alcohol, swabbing to remove any residue.
  3. Rub the Q-tip over the button many times, making sure to get as deep as you can.
  4. When you’re satisfied that you’ve cleaned out as thoroughly as you can, push the button several dozen times to push the rub alcohol in the gap, dislodging any debris left behind.
  5. If the button doesn’t work you can repeat the process or try a different approach lower in this list.
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Alcohol that is dissolved in rubbing alcohol quickly evaporates, and it is not recommended to make use of any alcohol that could cause damage to the controller’s circuitry. Don’t clean the controller using water because it can enter the controller and cause corrosion of the controller and the circuitry.

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Solution 2. Dismantle the Xbox One controller and clean

The second option is to fix the problem by removing the button on the game controller. It is only possible only if you have experience the dismantling of electronics, since it requires removal of the controller’s motherboard.

Solution 3: Xbox Controller Repair

The best way to fix the issue of a jammed controller is to take the device to a repair professional and get a no-cost diagnosis. A technician will take the Xbox apart and the controller will tell you what’s wrong and if it can be fixed.


  • Utilize cotton swabs and alcohol to wash.
  • When using the device, use it gently.
  • Making use of the right repair tools.


  • Utilization of water.
  • Use excessive force.
  • Do some DIY with no experience.

How do I avoid Sticky Controller problems?

You’re probably seeking advice to keep them fresh when you’ve resolved your sticky controller issue. Here are the most effective methods to ensure a positive solution to the problem of your controller buttons:

Don’t eat or game: keep your controller’s food and drinks out of. You’re less likely to get crumbs and spilling the controller.

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Make sure your hands are clean: hand oil can cause the controller to become sticky, so ensure that you wash your hands between games.

Make sure your storage space is free of dust. It is essential that your PC keeps the gaming space and the area in which your gaming equipment is stored clean.

It is recommended to keep the Xbox One and PS4 loaders in this state. Please leave a comment if the issue persists, or If you have an innovative solution to fix this issue or fix it, please submit it to us.

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