Find out how to unlock Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and add Nintendo’s devilish flower to the roster

It is very easy to unlock the Piranha plant in Smash Ultimate. Piranha Plant, Sakurai’s first DLC character, is now playable in the game. There are currently 74 classic fighters available, but Nintendo has stated that the number will increase when five more fighters are added as DLC. Fans will need to wait until February 2020 to redeem Persona 5’s Joker and five other fighters. The Fighter Pass is a hugely anticipated event. However, you will need to unlock Piranha Plant to complete the roster. Check out this guide to learn how to add Piranha Plant Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Anyone who purchased Super Smash Bros Ultimate before January 2019 was eligible for Piranha Plant. Originally, all players who purchased the physical Super Smash Bros Ultimate game had to register it with a My Nintendo account. The following were the steps to follow:

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  1. Press the Joy-Con’s + button to highlight the game on your Home screen.
  2. Players had to choose My Nintendo Rewards, then select Earn Points, which is the game card version, and finally, select the Nintendo Account to which they would like the Gold Points to go.
  3. After the Gold Points were claimed, an email would be sent with the Piranha Plant Code.
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Smash Ultimate gamers who purchased the digital version of Smash Ultimate didn’t need to register it at all. Instead, points were automatically claimed, and the Piranha Plant Code was emailed directly to the Nintendo Account address. These codes can then be redeemed at the Nintendo eShop.

You have just bought your copy of Super Smash Bros. If you missed the Piranha Code for Ultimate, you could still purchase the plant on the Nintendo eShop for PS4.49 The Fighters Pass doesn’t include Piranha Plant, so you will need to buy this fighter separately.

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