Sekiro Shinobi Prosthetic tools: How to find every mechanical arm

These prosthetic limbs can assist with combat, traversal and evasion. In some cases, some things may be impossible without the right Sekiro Shinobi prosthetic tools to hand. For example, boss fights would not be possible without Robert’s Firecrackers. We’ll show you how to locate all the Sekiro Shinobi Prosthetic Tools and how to use them best.

It is easy to find the first prosthetic that is available to the player. Continue to the right, and you will find a group of wolves, a sculptor’s idol and the start area. After you have eliminated the competition, unlock the safe point. You will find a furry body on your left if you go in that direction. You can pick up the Loaded Shuriken Prosthetic by heading over to that area.

Just around the corner is the second Shinobi Prosthetic. After fighting the dual-health general, you’ll enter an open area that has a tower to your right. To your left, you’ll see a large stone plateau at the battle area’s center. The Crow Memorial Mob vendor can be found by scaling it. Although this is a common vendor, the first one is unique because it sells Robert’s Firecracker material used to make the Firecracker prosthetic. To unlock this useful piece of kit, purchase it.

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This is the first memory of the game. You can find it by speaking with the old lady who rings the bell to your right from the mob seller who sells firecracker material. Once you have entered the dream, you can proceed to Hirata Estate and take the wooden plank. If you need help orientating yourself, take a look to your right from the Sculptor’s statue. You will find a small temple that you can observe from the side. Two bandits are living in this area. They’re about to set it on fire. Kill them, and you will find the Shinobi Axe for the Monkey Prosthetic that can be used to break enemy shields.

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Hirata Estate once again. As you progress deeper into the level, you will need to veer to the right when the game tells you to go into the bamboo thicket. Continue to the right, crossing over the archways until reaching a terraced compound with many enemies that fire fiery shots at you. It turns out that the bonfire is where Flame Barrel Shinobi Prosthetics is located. This is fitting, considering it covers your enemies with hellfire.

Continue to the Hirata Estate. You will find a bridge with shield-wielding enemies if you continue into the bamboo thicket. Follow the stream to the left and jump into the water until you reach a treasure carp. It can be broken by simply walking through it. Kill the ninja to open the temple he guards. Then, grab the item and run away from this horrible piece of work.

Once you have found your way to Ashina Castle, turn left at the moat bridge just before the echo. Grapple across this gap, and you’ll be staring at a long bridge and two enemies running up and down it. You can wipe them all out to get the Gatehouse Key. Double back to the place you were after the grapple, and then head left. You will see the same compound where you practiced your skills in the tutorial. You want to go to the house you were seen crawling under at the beginning of the game. Be careful; there’s a scruffy bell-ringing to your left that will alert everyone if they aren’t killed first.

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To ensure that he doesn’t accidentally kill any NPCs you are trying to contact, you will need to eliminate this enemy first. Continue to the bottom of the stairs until you see a pagoda that has a small man wearing a hat standing there. This man looks like Tengu of Ashina’s ‘rats.’ He is selling the Shinobi parts for this prosthetic.

You will see three samurai in blue robes talking to one another. Jump down from here.

this boss can be a terrifying boss to face. He is a huge beast that is not like any other bosses in the game. You can learn to avoid it and use the prosthetics that you have so far to defeat it.

The Long-Armed Centipede Giraffe dropped this prosthetic material at the Gun Fort. You can continue as normal until you reach the wooden complex. After a few difficult shotgun-toting enemies, you will meet this boss in a small room. After the fight is over, you can pick it up and bring it back to your Sculptor to get every Shinobi Prosthetic.

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