Sekiro Great Shinobi Owl boss guide: How to defeat the old bird man

Because he mixes close and long-ranged attacks, the boss fight against Sekiro Great Shinobi Owl is extremely difficult. You will be unable to capture a moment in safe areas.

How to kill the Sekiro Great Shinobi Owl boss

He will throw a Shinobi charm in the air if he falls to his knees. This is a bad sign and should be avoided. Your best option is to run behind him to get a few strikes while he’s on one knee.

He uses shurikens for his long-range attacks in the first phase. These can be deflected or dodged but are often followed by a jumping attack. If you do not comply with the rules, you can be punished. These are the easiest times for you to strike him in his first phase.

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His second phase allows him to use poison instead of shurikens and gives him access to a smoke bomb strike. He can launch a smoke bomb and run from the area he was in. You risk being hit with a lot of damage if you don’t.

The poison attack cannot be deflected and must be avoided. However, the second phase of the attack is the same as before. Warning: Owls will Mikir Counter any attempt to use the charged thrust attack or spear, and you’ll likely die in one hit.

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