Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss guide: How to defeat the strong sharpshooter

The Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss fight is the most difficult in the game. He is fast and uses lightning, arrows, and a spear. He also has multiple stages. And he will return just as you think you have killed him to drain your reserves. This is Sekiro’s hardest game. We hope you find our advice useful in defeating Sekiro Genichiro China. Good luck.

How to kill the Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss

He will launch an arrow at your face and then roll into a slash. Before you go on the offensive, be prepared to deflect both his attacks. This will require you to be fluid and switch between attacking and deflecting a lot. His flurry is the result of a few spinning slashes. It’s a great opportunity to smash the parry button and inflict a lot of posture damage.

The Mikiri Counter can be used to nullify the unblockable attack in his first life bar. The second life bar includes a broad attack that will make it time to jump on his head. You should also be aware of his jumping back and forth as he prepares to unleash an arrow barrage. Keep an eye out to see if the last one has slightly different timing.

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After you have taken him out, he rises again, but this time he is infused with lightning. Because he doesn’t have armour, he has lower health and posture. Keep going. Lightning attacks are what you should be watching out for. You can make the most out of lightning attacks by jumping into the air right before he attacks you. Then, throw the lightning back at the attacker for massive damage.

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