Sekiro Chained Ogre boss guide: How to defeat the first boss in the game

Although the Sekiro Chained Ogre boss may be a small boss battle, he is also the first boss you will encounter. While he may seem small in the grand scheme, he is a formidable boss when you first meet him in Sekiro.

How to kill the Sekiro Chained Ogre

Another trick is to sneak attack it to get the first death blow. This is done by ensuring it releases itself from the fragile fence attached to it and then running away until it stops interesting. You can then return to the fence and sneak up to score a free death blow.

Fighting can feel intimidating, but it is not. Unblockable grab attacks are the main attack to be on guard. Avoiding these attacks is the best way to stay on top of things.

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You have two options: you can either dodge its attacks, or you can use oil and fire to take out the Chained Ogre. You can either position kill the Chained Ogre or remove its health completely to make it fall.

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