Resident Evil 7 boss fight guide

Resident Evil 7 offers many boss fights that will test your combat skills. You could end up being repeatedly pummelled into submission if you don’t know what to do with them. This guide will help you to defeat every boss in the game. Warning!

Mia boss fight – Guest House 1F

Grab the ax and keep going around Mia after she has thrown you through the Guest House wall. Block Mia’s attacks and then counter with your own. She will be easy to defeat. Grab your ax after the fight, as you might need it again.

Mia boss fight – Guest House Attic

Explore the Attic before you climb the ladder. You will find the handgun as well as several ammo caches in the other rooms. Keep your distance and aim for headshots. If Mia charges at you, be prepared to sprint to the side. You can move into different rooms, but she will need to cut through walls and doors to reach you. This will give you more headshots. Don’t worry about ammo, as you’ll soon lose your gun. You can always use the ax that you picked up earlier if you run out.
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Jack Baker boss fight – Main House Garage

If Jack is chasing after you in the Garage, sprint to the bench on your right and grab your car key.

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You will see a sequence that ends the boss fight. However, you must climb the ladder to complete the series.

Jack Baker boss fight – Main House Morgue

Ensure that you have at least three slots available in your inventory before collecting the last Dog’s Head from the Morgue.

After inflicting enough damage to allow him to go on to the next part, he will tear down a fence and grab a blade/chainsaw combo. This also allows you to pick up another chainsaw (hence, the empty slots in your inventory). You can continue to block or dodge his attacks (you may be able to duck under some of them), then you will counter with the chainsaw until he is defeated.

Marguerite Baker boss fight – Old House 1F

Marguerite will throw you down the Crow Door stairs, and you fall into a hole. Look up and shoot her every chance you get. To avoid flying insects, keep crouching and standing straight up. You can also give the Burner a quick blast to get rid of them. Keep shooting Marguerite as she looks into the hole until she falls in.

Marguerite Baker boss fight – Old House Greenhouse

You’ll find the Greenhouse by following Marguerite down the tunnel through the hole. Drop down to the lower floor and then climb up the stairs. Marguerite will attack through the window.

Jack Baker boss fight – Testing Area

It would help if you kept moving and blasting her abdomen as much as you can. Listen out for audio clues to her location. Stay close as she will produce nests of bugs that will attack you if left alone. Marguerite will become dust after you have done enough damage to her bag. Then you can control her lantern.

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After you have created the serum in the Testing Area, Jack Baker will rudely interrupt you. Watch out for Jack Baker’s sweeping attacks as you circle the Testing Area.

You should be aware that he has at least one eyeball under his skin. If he can’t see more targets, lure him to the top level. Then drop below to look up for another peeper.

Mia boss fight – Wrecked Ship

After they’re all blasted, you’ll be underwater before the final phase. You need to hit Jack’s one eye a few times more to defeat Jack.

If you gave the serum to Zoe sooner, Mia would be fighting you when you switch back to Ethan. This fight is the same as her boss’s fight. Grab the crowbar and turn around to grab it from behind, then counterattack until Mia is defeated.

Eveline boss fight – Guest House

The final boss fight is split into three stages. Be ready to block her blast attack—alternate pushing forward and blocking until you are close enough to inject Eveline.

Keep backing up, shooting at her face as it emerges from behind the wall until she grabs you and throws your body out of the building.

When she grabs your face, you should fire all you have at her face. You’ll eventually be dropped by her and prompted to get a powerful handgun to finish the job. Congratulations!

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