How to find and solve the Red Dead Redemption 2 Strange Statues Puzzle

It is located east of Grizzlies west, near the tracks that cross the border between Ambarino, New Hanover, and Valentine. You’ll find the mural inside the Window Rock window, if that’s what you want, which will help you start your quest for the Red Dead Redemption 2 Strange Statues puzzle.

It’s an odd problem, and it’s not clear how to solve it unless your mind is gifted enough to read the minds of Rockstar to find out. It’s all about fingers and feathers. Yes.

I suggest you take a screenshot once you find the mural. You’ll need it later. Arthur did not jot it down in his journal, so it’s not the same as what is on the stone.

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Although it’s close to the mural, there is no way to know where to find the thing from either the mural or any other information.

You’ll need to solve it yourself, or I can help you. You can find the location of the puzzle by going here.

It is easiest to reach it by returning to the train tracks and following them east. This rock formation will make you want to stop.

This is located just behind the large tree that pokes out of the rock formation’s center.

You’ll find seven statues of males in the cave. Arthur will draw another drawing in his journal to emphasize that these were the Strange Statues mentioned in the mural.

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Here’s where things get very absurd. To reveal the four gold bars hidden within the eagle-winged statue, you must press a button on specific statues. This corresponds to the answer to the riddle, which the game doesn’t tell you. Only the statues and the mural will give you clues.

The armless one can be found in the corner of a cave. Please take a close look at each statue and count them one by one. It would help if you got something similar:

This corresponds to the feathers at the end of the eagle’s tail, located on each side of the actual mural. It is only necessary to press the numbers where the total number of fingers equals a prime number. However, it does not tell you at any point in this puzzle.

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