Red Dead Redemption 2 Gunslingers location guide: Where to find every sharpshooter for Theodore Levin

Theodore Levin, the author, was spotted at Valentine’s saloon. Now you need to begin tracking down Red Dead Redemption 2 gunslingers. If you are willing to assist our writer in compiling a book on outlaws, you will need to find retired gunslingers to interview about their past exploits. However, you’ll soon discover that these conversations don’t always result in friendly conversation.

How to start the Red Dead Redemption 2 Gunslingers quest

It would help if you first went to Valentine’s smaller saloon to kickstart this multi-part, map-spanning Stranger mission. After a short chat, the hairy writer asks you to find a group of crack-shot outlaws for him to finish his book about the highly respected (and very drunk) Jim “Boy” Calloway. After the cutscene is over, go to Arthur’s suitcase and open the Documents tab.

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Emmet Granger Gunslingers quest location

This former outlaw can be found in the heart of New Hanover and is the most likely Gunslinger that you will encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2. Flat Iron Lake is where you will find the pistol-twirling legend. Poor Emmet is now an aspiring pig farmer. Before he can share his stories with Arthur, you need to clear his pigsty.

After you have cleaned up all the hog excrement from your yard, it’s time to retire as a shooter. To end Emmet’s misery, press the right trigger as soon as possible. To complete the quest, take a photograph of Emmet. To find the Granger’s Revolver (a decent addition to Arthur’s arsenal), you should also search his corpse.

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Billy Midnight Gunslingers quest location

Ride to Rhodes’ train station to confront the Gunslinger. Talk to the clerk and then wait for the train to arrive. Then, jump on the train and meet the whisky-loving gunfighter. Midnight aims at a tense confrontation at the train bar. Take Midnight up to the carriage roof and get ready for a quick shootout.

To put Billy down quickly, it is best to do so as soon as possible. After you have taken a photo of the outlaw with your camera, end the sidequest. You should also take his body to Midnight’s Pistol, an exceptional handgun with some of the most impressive stats in the game.

Black Belle Gunslingers quest location

This kickass shooter can be found in Bluewater Marsh, just a few minutes north of Saint-Denis. Belle and Morgan, unlike all the other Gunslingers on this list, actually end their encounter peacefully. It’s your job to get rid of the bounty hunters that Arthur leads to the hideout of the old outlaw. You can use Belle’s porch as cover, but be wary of the Gatling guns that the bounty hunters bring to the pistol-flying group. After clearing out all enemies, Belle poses happily for a photograph to conclude the mission. Ms Belle, unlike her Gunslinger colleagues, doesn’t leave Morgan with a rare gun. However, you can still find helpful ammo from bounty hunters by looting their corpses.

Flaco Hernandez Gunslingers quest location 

This is the most accessible Gunslingers mission, and it takes only two minutes to complete. Once you have identified Flaco’s position on your map, go to Ambarino and find the sharpshooter near the frozen Cairn lake. After confronting and shooting his cronies, you can holster your gun and approach the cabin nearby. Hernandez will eventually reveal his face.

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Once he does, there is a duel. Press RT/R2 quickly to fill the outlaw with lead. We found that pressing the right trigger promptly was the best way to win these showdowns. To complete the mission, you should take Flaco’s photo after you have put him down.

Flaco Hernandez Gunslingers quest location 

Once you have completed the Gunslingers quests four times, you can return to Valentine’s saloon to achieve the stranger mission. Talk to the bartender, and you will learn that Levin, Calloway and other characters are on board a boat in Saint-Denis.

After you have reached the location, kill the outlaws and then free Slim. Once you have stowed the Grant still hogtied on your horse, go to the new marker to reunite Levin and Calloway. In the next scene, Jim shoots Calloway in the back. This sparks Arthur into an unplanned duel with Calloway. To wrap up this lengthy Stranger quest, we need to put the disgraced Gunslinger to rest. You’ll be rewarded with Calloway’s Revolver, a rare Schofield pistol well worth the effort.

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