Pokemon Black and White Pokedex – Munna, Musharna


023Unova / #517 countrywide

Sort: Psychic
Species classification: Fantasy Eater Pokemon
Forewarn — This Shows the competitor’s proceed with all the maximum base electrical electricity.
Synchronize — In conflict: precisely the identical position condition in the competition which the competition brought, aside from Sleep along with also Frozen standing, or even in the event the match is shielded against the disease by sort of ability.

Fantasy actual world cover stars Munna along with Musharna ended up introduced relatively early Pre Release, satisfying the need for this picnicker about Route 10 of this Red/Blue (that the np-c creates a remark about needing a pink Pokemon with a floral layout ). Whilst its deficiency of powerful atomic moves will not make it overly appealing throughout the late effort, its elevated HP and high defence/special shield stats provide Musharna that the capability to become quite bothersome in competitive struggles, plus Munna will learn Nightmare at par 2-9 that does 1/4 HP harm on sleeping foes. Its Fantasy Planet ability, Telepathy, additionally makes it an excellent option for triple and double conflicts, permitting it to steer clear of harm from mates’ strikes (e.g. Surf, Earthquake).

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Munna appears as part of this narrative in which you hit the dream yard, specifically west of Striation City.

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