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New Nintendo Switch OLED – Complete Review

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Hey there, listeners, it’s Mike Snider here. Welcome back to Talking Tech. My colleague, Brett Molina, is off today. If you’re a Nintendo fan, there’s good news for you. The game company has just released a new version of its Nintendo Switch console with a larger seven inch OLED screen. The system, which hits stores Friday, sells for $349.99. Like the previous model, connects to your TV and lets you play as a handheld also. Its stand lets you play in tabletop mode.

What’s different about this system is you can connect a wired internet connection and it also stores more data, 64 gigabytes versus 32 gigabytes on the previous model. Of course you can expand the storage with micro SD cards. Now this is a hot seller and may already be sold out at your favorite retailer, but you could follow our friends at who will be trying to help you land a system as restocking occurs, especially if you see this as a holiday gift.

But that’s not all. Nintendo, also on Friday, released Metroid Dread for the Switch, the latest game in its Metroid franchise. This is the first Metroid game released specifically for the Switch. When I got a preview of the game back in June, I said that Metroid Dread pays homage to its side scrolling heritage that goes back to the first installment in the series from 1986. Samus moves fast and fluidly. She runs, jumps slides and climbs through lush landscapes with detailed 2.5D backgrounds.

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A new power of the spider magnet allows the character to climb walls and stick to ceilings like Spiderman. This new game brings to an end a story arc for the character that began with that original game 35 years ago. But even if you haven’t followed along over the decades, the game’s prologue will serve as an explainer to those new to the Metroid universe. Hey, it may just be what you need to show off that new OLED switch console.

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