Mordhau best weapons: fight to win with our guide to swords, loadouts and classes

While a good skill with a knife is helpful, you need the best Mordhau tools to win. There are many sharp tools to choose from, including axes and swords. It’s not difficult to master them all. This, combined with the best Mordhau loadouts, can mean the difference between medieval victory or defeat. These Mordhau tips will give you an edge.

While whizzing your sword blindly may bring you a few kills, it is often better to know the basics of how each weapon works before you start ripping off heads. It will cover the basics of how to create a Mordhau loadout, as well as the armor, perks, and weapons that you need to conquer your foes on the bloody battlefields of Mordhau.

How to create a loadout in Mordhau

You can create your knight in shining armor in Mordhau by visiting the Armory. To access the Armory, click on the Armory icon in the top-left corner. Click on the New Mercenary option to start building your loadout. Before you buy that new greatsword, make sure to know that each loadout can only be used 16 times. Each perk, weapon, and shield in Mordhau have an associated equipment point cost. Make sure to consider this before you purchase any high-end gear. You can play Frontline if you don’t have the money to purchase your perfect arsenal.

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Short Spear

  • Equipment costs: 4
  • Head injury: 100/75/55/45
  • 65/60/45/35 Body damage
  • Legs damage 55/50/30/25

It can be especially difficult to defeat, especially when used with a shield. The Short Spear is not as powerful as other pole-based weapons in the game, but it can do a lot of damage due to its speed and accuracy. Skirmishing at Mordhau can be dangerous and friendly fire can cause many allied deaths. It is, therefore, necessary to have some finesse to get through the armored ranks. The Short Spear’s precise thrust can cut through even the most stubborn foes. Its projectile throw can also be used to snipe bow users from far. The Short Spear can be used in various ways and should be included in any light armor loadout.

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Price: 4
Head injury: 100/67/49/45
Body damage: 60/52/34/30
Damage to the legs 50/37/19/15
Because of its speed, mobility, lethal headshots, and lightning-fast thrust attacks, the Rapier is extremely popular with beginners. Get the jump on your foe, and be prepared to stab them in their backs or take out any low-health targets who are trying to sneak away. You can use some feints to get the job done and punish anyone who tries to strike hard with a quick stab to their head. The Rapier is a great addition to your arsenal if you enjoy the idea of overwhelming your opponents by launching successive stabs. If you fancy playing the role of one of the Three Musketeers, then the Rapier is for you.

Executioner’s Sword

Cost: 7
Head damage: 120/110/80/70
Body damage: 100/90/60/50
Legs damage: 100/60/45/35
Because of its insanely great damage output, the Executioner’s Sword has become a fan favorite. It allows players to take down multiple armored units in one swing. The Executioner’s Sword will be a great weapon for anyone looking for a cool weapon with incredible power. Although the executioner’s sword is expensive at seven equipment points, it has incredible damage potential and lacks many combos. This sword is feared by all who don heavy armor.


Cost: 7
Head injury: 100/100/100/100
85/83/77/75 Body damage
Legs damage: 75/68/62/60
If you want to cause your opponent more than a headache, the Maul is the right weapon. Heavily armored units can be very difficult to deal with. Sometimes the simple act of cutting a sword won’t do the trick. The Maul’s powerful swings are strong enough to bludgeon even the tankiest foes. If you can get momentum behind them, you can easily obliterate your enemy before they react. You can regain your health after every kill, and you can spam your powerful war cry to scare anyone who dares to duel you.

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Best loadouts in Mordhau

The Tank

A tanky build is the best choice if you are a fan of diving headfirst into action and you want to take on the toughest challenges. It can be very intense on the 64-player Mordhau battlefields. It is difficult to survive when multiple enemies are trying to take your head off. Fireproof and Tenacious Perks will increase your fire damage reduction and passive health regeneration, giving you the strength to fight on. You can supplement these perks by adding a mix of medium and heavy armor (2.3.32) to your preference. If you want to increase your defense capabilities, consider getting a shield. The Eveningstar, Maul, and Greatsword are all great options for two-handed weapons. They allow you to take out multiple foes during skirmishing quickly.

The ranger

Battles don’t have to be close-quarters. Sometimes it’s better to stand on the high ground and look for potential targets. Although it is thrilling to see the swords shrouded in blood and sparks make for some great moments, there are certain situations where rangers can make a difference. You can keep your enemies away from your team’s defenses by using some strategically placed headshots. You should have the Huntsman and Ranger Perks. These will increase your DPS, mobility and give you more chances to score those crucial kills. You don’t need armor as you will be fighting most of your battles from safety. Instead, invest in a Longbow to crush your enemies with volley arrows.

The flanker

A build that uses the Bloodlust perk will be a must for any leaderboard-setter player who enjoys slinking around on the battlefield or loves to do metric tons of damage. Bloodlust grants you full health after every successful melee kill. This perk rewards aggressive plays and sneaky flanking. This loadout’s standard armor is the medium helm, heavy body, and medium legs (2.3,2). This gives you enough defense to chase down unsuspecting targets while also allowing for plenty of speed. This, combined with the Rapier’s lightning-fast thrust attacks, will have you destroying your enemies in no time.

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The support

The support (Engineer class) is underrated in Mordhau, just like other games. It is extremely useful to build defensive structures around key points, preventing mounted units from attacking and killing your allies, especially in Frontlines. To increase your repair efficiency by 50%, make sure to grab the Smith perk and arm yourself with the Toolbox or Blacksmith Hammer. The Toolbox allows you to build wooden walls, wooden spikes, and mounted crossbows which can inflict terror on your enemies. You’ll need light armor to be able to retreat from enemies or overrun objectives quickly. This engineer loadout is for you if you enjoy sneaking around on the battlefield and supporting your team.

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