Metal Gear Solid 5 wants you to keep invading FOBs, but what’s the point?

I am playing Metal Gear Solid 5 in my helicopter. Scrolling through the menus on my android. Story missions completed. Side operations: Completed. Completely built Mother Base Now, all that is left to do is raid other players’ forward operational bases. I present the list of possible victims.

But I hesitate. That is weighed against the effort required to steal their stuff, the time and cost of building my loadout, as well as the cost to me to transport those weapons. I have won the game. This is all pointless. It’s time to turn it off.

Konami hopes that the FOBs and, later, Metal Gear Online will keep gamers playing well beyond the end of the main story. Mother Base coins are used to purchase additional bases or insurance with real money. However, it isn’t easy to justify spending money on something so short-term and unneeded.

This allows them to invade one another and steal resources that are funnelled back into that campaign. MGS5 launched at launch. I had to deal with many connectivity issues as Konami fixed the bugs. While I could create my FOB and have gained access, I could not access it until I reached the end of the missions. The servers had stabilized, so I didn’t feel like I was missing much. Although it would have been nice to steal some resources to replenish my funds, the Mother Base’s economy was running pretty well despite me completing side missions from time to time between main missions.

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The futility of Big Boss’ dream of a war without an end is realized once you reach the endgame. Therefore, you have no reason to raid other players’ FOBs or steal their stuff. Instead, you will need to gather new weapons and troops and create more platforms to protect your FOBs as well as invade the bases of more powerful players.

There would be more story missions that could be played, either in the game or as DLC. This would give me a reason to buy base insurance, build or disarm nuclear weapons, or continue the cycle. It is a way to keep the cycle going. However, the only reward for participating in FOB invades is the ability to accumulate enough resources to continue doing so.

Although each FOB platform layout is unique, there are only a few variations of each design. Worse, none of this is compelling enough to be able to stand alone. After several runs, you will have a general idea of how to sneak through an area, its choke points and where supplies are located. My experience is that raiding FOBs can be easy or extremely difficult, depending on how the opponent upgraded their base. I will either sneak through the base, grab everything I can, or get caught by a drone and be killed within 30 seconds.

These cutscenes provide the only evidence that FOB invasions lead to something meaningful. However, the requirements to access that cutscene are at best ambiguous. It will unlock only after certain nukes have been destroyed. After all, the nukes on your server have been removed? These curated events will be over. There is no way to know right now, so players keep building and disarming nuclear weapons, hoping that it will eventually reveal something. Do you want more story content? Perhaps chapter three people still want? Perhaps a simple “Congratulations”? We have speculation and some messages from Twitter that suggest players haven’t seen all of it yet. However, I doubt that any of these messages will reveal anything significant about The Phantom Pain’s story.

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It’s like a piece of The Phantom Pain is missing. This feeling I am getting more convinced of is intentional. The missing chapter, the mysterious way that the true ending appears on your mission lists, the many threads left hanging at the conclusion. Other plot inconsistencies found within the plot are all meant to create a strange trance that induces a strange trance that makes it feel like Metal Gear Solid 5 is stuck in a void. Although the FOB system plays into this feeling, Kojima seems to contradict Konami’s desire for maximum profit from that message.

As I stare at The Phantom Pain and the list of FOBs available for invasion, I continue to poke my nose into The Phantom Pain. MGS5 is not something I hate; I play it for more than 100 hours a day. I enjoy the game. My approach to The Phantom Pain has been a block. There must be a purpose to this whole thing, more than just participating in online invasions for entertainment. Konami has made numerous attempts to convince players to pay money to a system that is essentially pointless once the story ends. I will have to stop the cycle of revenge and take down the controller if there isn’t.

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