Mass Effect keeper locations – where to find them all for the Scan the Keepers assignment

Mass Effect keepers look strange and are challenging to find. However, they do an excellent job keeping the Citadel’s systems and running smoothly. However, it isn’t easy to establish this since Council law prohibits them from interrupting their work. This is because they can self-destruct into a pool gloop if disturbed.

After your first encounter with the Council of the Citadel, you might have met a Chorban salarian while working through Mass Effect Legendary Edition. They are currently examining one of the Mass Effect keepers. If you approach them, they will explain the dubious legal studies they’re conducting before giving you a scanner and asking you to scan all keepers within the Citadel. If you can find the right places to look, they’ll give you a scanner and tell you were to scan every Mass Effect keeper in the Citadel.
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Mass Effect keepers locations

You will need to scan each one individually to complete your collection. Once you have registered all the keeper scans, you will receive credit and XP.

Mass Effect keepers – Presidium (8)

  • The Presidium’s first Mass Effect keeper is located near an Avina terminal and the elevator to Citadel Tower.
  • Near the Wards, the elevator is the second Mass Effect keeper.
  • The balcony behind the Embassy Lounge houses the third Mass Effect keeper.
  • It is next to Udina’s office. This keeper can sometimes be bugged and not appear.
  • Near the Consort, Chambers entrance is the sixth Mass Effect keeper.
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Mass Effect keepers – Tower (4)

  • The open area in front of the Council Chamber is where the first Mass Effect keeper is located. Corban was initially scanning this area.
  • You will find the second Mass Effect keeper in Tower to your right as you enter.
  • The Tower’s third Mass Effect keeper is located in an area just past Rear Admiral Kahoku.
  • As you approach the Presidium elevator, the fourth Mass Effect keeper is located in an alcove to your left.

Mass Effect keepers – Upper Wards (3)

  • It is located in the alleyway that runs between the elevator and Chora’s Den. This keeper can sometimes disappear after you fight Tali. However, it is possible to fix it with a quick save/reload.
  • The corner of Upper Markets to the left is Expat’s stall, where you will find the second Mass Effect keeper.

Mass Effect keepers – Flux (1)

Flux’s Mass Effect keeper is located in Flux.

Mass Effect keepers – Lower Wards (1)

Lower Wards’ Mass Effect keeper is located at the side of the room that you pass through as you descend.

Mass Effect keepers – Security / C-Sec (2)

  • Security’s first Mass Effect keeper is located in the C-Sec Requisition Office, just beyond the elevator that leads back to the Presidium.
  • The Security second Mass Effect keeper is located at the far end C-Sec Traffic Control Room, just beyond the C-Sec Offices.

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