The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening Character Collectibles – Where to find all the Mario figurines

This is a new improvement to your string, at which you can find ten collectable figurines of most enemies that are well-known out of the Mario show and then screen them. They genuinely are a nod to the undeniable proven fact that both the movie and the initial comprise enemies contrary to the Mario show that don’t can be found at virtually any Zelda video game. With each figurine set right and dungeon the ball gamer defeats, a brand new figurine is shared from the stylish Shop at Mabe Village. Listed here is the way to discover and obtain all of them.

Ciao Ciao

Ciao could be your very initial figure readily available from the stylish store. Whenever you have obtained the figurine, wander into your house bow-wow is biting out, and then go at the door. Put CiaoCiao to the dining table at home.


Goomba could be your 2nd figurine, also can be obtainable right soon, immediately after finishing Tail Cave. After profitable, it put the personality in Marin and Tarin’s household straight contrary to the entry.

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Spiny can be found soon, immediately following Bottle Grotto, and should be set about the dining table at the front of the beds at the northernmost residence from the village, even with all the Fantasy Shrine.

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Boo can be acquired after completing crucial Cavern and has to be put about the round dining table at the house residence, linking Spiny.

Cheep Cheep

Obtainable right immediately soon after finishing Angler’s Tunnel, put the Cheep Cheep in the corner base in Ulrira’s residence, east of this phone booth.


These inky squids are available after completing Catfish’s Maw. Also, that is still now your next and last figurine to become set at Ulrira’s household.

Shy Guy

Designed for assortment later beating deal with Shrine, Shy mangoes at the bottom right corner of this massive house at the northwest, where both Boo and Spiny are.

Piranha Plant

This Mario staple could be accumulated right soon, immediately following Eagle’s Tower, and should also be set at Marin’s property.


Pokey could be acquired following finishing the penultimate dungeon, Turtle Rock. Pokey completes the set from the north residence, also goes on the remaining side of your home.

Bow Wow

Bow-wow, our ever-faithful company, is just available following the participant has accomplished the principal tale of this match. Bow-wow belongs typically at your house, exactly wherever the one can be located.

Regrettably, there is not any grand decoration for setting each of the collectable figurines. But following collecting bow-wow from the stylish store, the shopkeeper awards one with a Chamber Stone, with got the Monsters+ influence (which provides many additional critters to an established dungeon) and lessens the buying price tag on this stylish Shop into 5 rupees.

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