How to get Boomer the dog in Far Cry 5

Boomer is a Far Cary 5 dog companion. Boomer is Far Cry 5’s dog companion. He can also be adopted as a Fangs For Hire friend. Boomer is an excellent choice for the initial stages of the game, and you will want him to be part of your team.


  • Master Scouter
  • How can you disarm your enemies
  • Bears are afraid


  • Low Health
  • Unable to ride in vehicles

Hope County’s good boy is also an important ally. Right from the start of Far Cry 5, you can spot him. He can track enemies nearby, stealth kills them and fetches your new guns as needed. He is also very cute. Once Dutch’s Island is freed, it will be easier to find him.

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Once you’ve done that, you can open your map and see an icon for Boomer Rae-Rae Pumpkin Farm. You can create a waypoint, then go to the location where Boomer is held captive by Rae-Rae’s cultists.

Boomer can be reached close enough for you to start the quest ‘Man’s Best Friend’. It would help if you eliminated all enemies to free Boomer. Kill the few cultists that Boomer has in his cage to win Boomer’s trust. After Boomer has grieved for RaeRae, go to your dog friend and bring him home.

It’s as simple as that. Boomer will be your faithful companion. Boomer is your faithful companion. You can call him in and dismiss him whenever you wish via the Fangs to Hire tab. Spend quality time with The Good Boy.

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