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How to Solve Razer Synapse Not Opening – 4 Easy Fixes

Razer is a name that is well-known in the gaming world. If you’re using Razer products, such as Razer mouse or Razer keyboard or mouse, you’ve probably utilized Razer Synapse at least once every once in a while. It is generally helpful to control the Razer products. However, there are times when you may find the Razer Synapse not opening for you on the device.

Razer Synapse is a cloud-based integrated configurator for all future-generation Razer products. If you are a gamer and you are using Razer Synapse devices that are gaming, this could be an extremely stressful scenario for you.

We have provided a few solutions to eliminate this issue. With a few simple steps, you will be able to quickly solve the issue.

Causes for Razer Synapse Not Opening in Windows 10

There are many reasons why Razer Synapse Not Opening in Windows 10. The primary reason is that the installation process for the Razer Synapse is not completed and the Synapse will not work when you use Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 device. Furthermore, if you find the wrong driver for the Synapse it won’t be able to run on your device.

If there’s a missing file from Razer Synapse, it will not be able to open. Other than that antivirus software, obsolete Windows drivers are also the cause of this irritating problem.

Easy Hacks for Troubleshooting Razer Synapse Won’t Open Issue:

Razer Synapse Not Opening

There are many solutions to solve this issue. So, without delay take a look at how you can solve this issue using the troubleshooting strategies listed in the following section.

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Fix 1: Reinstall Razer Synapse and Razer Device Drivers

If you find that the Razer Synapse won’t open on your PC, the issue may be related to the Razer driver for the device. In this case it is necessary to install Synapse and the Razer driver along with the Synapse program simultaneously.

To install the driver to install the driver, follow the steps in the section that follows.

Step 1

First, right-click the Start button, then go into the Device Manager section. Then, double-click on the “Mice and other pointing devices keyboards’ selection and then the Human Interface Devices’ in the Device Manager section.

Step 2

Then, right-click your Razer gadgets list. As a result, the drop-down menu will show onto the screen. Then, choose Uninstall from the drop-down menu. Uninstall choice from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Then, select the ‘Delete the driver application on this particular device’ button that will be displayed in an open box.

Step 4

Then, select the Uninstall option, and an uninstall confirmation window will pop up. Click OK to confirm the actions.

Then, unplug all associated Razer devices for a few minutes and then reconnect the devices as before. After that, restart the device. Connect the Razer device once more and Windows will install the Razer device.

Then, verify if it’s working properly or it isn’t. If not, then move on onto the next step.

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Fix 2: Install the Latest Microsoft .NET Framework

Razer Synapse not opening in Windows 10 may be due to the .NET Framework isn’t installed properly on your device. Sometimes, the issue happens when an older version of .NET Framework is installed on your device.

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In this case you must install the most recent version of .NET Framework on the official Microsoft website. Go to the official site from Microsoft then download the most recent version of the .NET framework and install it on your device.

After you have updated with Microsoft’s .NET framework, turn off your device. Then try opening Razer Synapse. You can then check if it’s opened or not.

Fix 3: Turn Off the Third-party Antivirus Software

Here is the 3rd tried and tested fix when razer synapse won’t open. The issue could also be because of a malware or virus attacking your device. So, you should disable your antivirus software temporarily to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below and apply them as needed.

Step 1

To begin, hold first the Windows key and the R key simultaneously for the purpose of launching Run. Run dialogue box.

Step 2

Enter firewall.cpl‘ in the Run dialog box. Then, hit Enter to run the issue. In this way, Windows Defender Firewall will be activated. Windows Defender Firewall will open up.

Step 3

Then, click on the ‘Turn Windows Defender’s Firewall off or on option. This will increase the options immediately. Select OK to confirm your action and verify whether the issue is resolved or not.

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Fix 4: Check for Windows Updates

If the suggestions above are not able to help you solve the razer synapse not working issue, it could be due to using an old Windows version.

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Also, make sure you update Windows and get it possible to get the Razer Synapse working again. If you’re not sure of the procedure to upgrade Windows, follow the next section.

Step 1

Then you need to press the Start button, then launch the Cortana app by entering your search area. After that, type “Update” in the box for searching.

Step 2

Then, click the “Check for Updates” button to update Windows. It can take a few minutes to finish the procedure. After the process has been completed, you can restart the system to check if it’s opening correctly or not.

So, we’ve provided all the possibilities to solve the issue. Razer Synapse isn’t opening. If you’ve tried all of the solutions in the right order, you’ll not be able to see this error anymore.

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