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How to Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass – 4 Easy Methods

Crunchyroll, as we all know is the best place for anime in HD. The problem is that the HD feature does not come with a free account. We have provided instructions on how to obtain a Crunchyroll Guest Pass so you can get it and enjoy premium features like watching anime in HD.

Premium accounts only have full access to all features. However, guest passes allow you to enjoy some of the features that are available. Crunchyroll offers a guest pass as a complimentary service. Users can only access a limited number of features. The guest pass is only available for a short time.

You don’t have to purchase premium accounts. Instead, you can use these methods to obtain a Crunchyroll Guest Pass. Crunchyroll offers three types of accounts: a free account; a premium account; and a 48-hour guest account.

You can access all features of Crunchyroll with a premium account. You can find out the best ways to download Crunchyroll videos in our article, Best Ways To Download Crunchyroll Video. Crunchyroll also offers a guest pass every 30 days for premium account members. If you have friends who have a premium account, you can get a pass from them.

4 Methods to get Crunchyroll Guest Pass

There is no guarantee of a guest pass. The methods listed below will help you get the guest pass, but it is not guaranteed. It all depends on luck. If you follow the steps, you can get a guest ticket and enjoy Crunchyroll services for 48 hours.

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One-time codes – Once you redeem the guest pass, it will be invalid. These codes can be used to pass on coupons and shopping vouchers to friends. They can only be used once they have been redeemed. If you do get one using any of these methods, be sure to redeem it.

1. Follow Crunchyroll on Every Social Media Platform

You must be active on social media to grab the guest pass via this method. Although this method is absurd, you can still get guest passes. Crunchyroll boasts 5M+ followers across multiple platforms, so we can infer that 1m of these users should be premium account holders. Crunchyroll gives a 30-day guest pass to premium members.

Comment on Crunchyroll posts to get help. To get the guest pass, comment on the maximum Crunchyroll post. The code can be used by anyone, as long as you give it to them. Make sure you check your comments often. You can also tweet or post about Crunchyroll to increase your chances of getting guest passes.

2) Join anime groups on Facebook

This is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain a Crunchyroll guest pass. There are many anime groups on Facebook that have a large following. To get the guest pass, you must first join as many groups as possible. Imagine that you join an anime group with 5 lakh members and 2 lakh premium members.

If you post about the guest pass, you have a high chance of getting it from users. A guest pass is not valid for premium account holders as they have full access to all features. Users will therefore give the pass away without hesitation.

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Premium users often offer random guest passes giveaways. It is easy to find guest passes via Facebook. If you are a premium account holder, make more friends to get the pass.

This post is shared by many users. You should also check the posts of other users who have posted guest passes. There is a good chance you will receive the pass if you post in a group with more than 10 million members.

The question now is how do you join Facebook groups? And which one will be your favorite? It is very easy to join an anime group. Search for anime using the Facebook search bar.

After you have finished your search, you can select groups from the filter options to see the ones with anime in their names. You should join groups that are active and have a large group. Your request will be approved by the group admins. After your request has been approved, you can start sharing information about the guest pass.

3) Join the Anime Forum

This is similar to joining Facebook group. Forums are the same as Facebook groups, and you can also get the guest pass from them. Crunchyroll has an official forum where you can get help. This community is only available to Crunchyroll account holders.

If you are interested in joining this community, create a Crunchyroll account. You will be able to join the community after you register on Crunchyroll. This community was created specifically to help users and provide the guest pass. There is a high chance you will receive the guest pass.

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Guests will often post guest passes once they get them. To check the post, you can use filters. It is a public forum so we recommend that you do not message people privately. Post your request for the guest pass. This forum is public so everyone can see your code. Be quick to use it.

4) Crunchyroll Subreddit

This is a great way to get a guest pass. Crunchyroll’s subreddit Crunchyroll is an active Crunchyroll community. You don’t even need to join the subreddit to receive the post notification. You can also privately message anyone to request the guest pass.

Giveaways are also offered by Crunchyroll Subreddit. You can increase your chances to get a pass there. Follow more premium account users. You can also claim your pass if they share it on Reddit.

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