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How to Fix Voicemod Not Working – 4 Best Solution

A voice changer is an option in case you wish to fool or surprise your friends on Discord, Zoom, or Fortnite by changing your voice. A popular and popular Voice changers you can use is Voicemod. Voicemod is a real-time , live voice changer and soundboard application designed for Windows users and developers of content. It lets users transform their voices into different voices, including robotic. However, a lot of users have reported that Voicemod not working for their device. Aren’t you frustrated by this issue? If you’re experiencing issues having trouble with Voicemod not working on discord, windows, zoom you can check out the solutions below. Let’s go through them in order, without further delay.

Steps to Fix Voicemod Not Working Issue

Voicemod Not Working

Here are finely curated solutions to fix voicemod not working issue.

FIX 1: Perform a Reboot

This isn’t a technical answer, however it could rectify some wrong settings and resolve most issues that arise with your hardware, programs and the computers. If you find that your Voicemod suddenly shuts down and then restarts, you can try restarting it. You may also try restarting your computer and the application in which you are using Voicemod in the event that it is necessary.

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FIX 2: Update Your Windows to fix Voicemod Not Working Issue

When they upgraded Windows to the latest version Some users were able to resolve the issue and get the Voicemod to work again. It is also possible to try it. The only thing you need to accomplish is

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1. Click Windows + I, to launch Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Update & Security > Windows Update.

Step 3. In the next pane, click on the”Check for updates” button.

After that, follow the instructions on screen follow to install all identified update for your device. Restart your computer to determine whether the Voicemod issue is fixed.

FIX 3: Set Up Your Microphone Properly

Additionally, in order to allow Voicemod to function properly it is essential to ensure that the settings for your microphone are correct.

Here’s a short guide for the correct settings for your microphone.

Step 1: Open Settingsand go to System > Sound.

Step 2. Select your microphone as the device to input in the pane to the right and click the device properties.

Step 3. After unchecking the disable option. To verify that your microphone is functioning you can tap or speak into it.

step 4: In your taskbar Click the speaker icon and select Sounds. Click on the physical microphone, then choose Properties on the recording tab.

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FIX 4: Reinstall Voicemod Driver

It turns out that the Voicemod not working issue could be due with issues with the Voicemod driver. Voicemod is not working properly when the driver that is installed has problems. It is recommended to reinstall your Voicemod driver to address the problem.

1. Click Device Manager on the Start menu clicking the Start button with a right click.

Step 2. Right-click on Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio System (WDM)) and choose uninstall the Microphone from Audio outputs and inputs category.

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Step 3. To continue to the next step, select Uninstall in the confirmation pop-up window.

Then, you can restart your device and visit Voicemod’s official website to download the latest driver. The Voicemod should be functioning correctly after installing the driver following the directions.

FIX 5: Reinstall Your Applications

If none of these solutions are working, you’ll need to install your software again. When Voicemod doesn’t work with one software like Discord however it works on other applications, you can install the software that is causing the issue. If, however, Voicemod doesn’t work with any other software then you might want to try restarting it.

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