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How to Fix Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi?

Toshiba laptops, despite being an established brand, do not come without faults. There are a number of Toshiba customers who have complained that the Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi.

Most of the time the error message appears when you attempt to connect on the web. This error is usually due to an incompatible wireless adapter. Aside from the wireless adapter, other related circumstances could be the reason for the current problem.

If you’re in the same situation, it’s essential to identify the cause of it. You can then resolve the issue in the earliest time possible.

Why Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi?

Let’s look at the root of the “Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi” issue before proceeding to the troubleshooting portion.

  • The most frequent cause of this issue is that it is the case that the adapter and adapter don’t utilize the same type of protection.
  • A driver that is outdated or not up-to-date drivers installed on your computer may prevent your computer from connecting to the internet.
  • It is possible that the IPv6 network protocol can block adapters from connecting to the network.
  • The error could also occur in the event that it’s the case that the USB or WLAN adapter used isn’t suitable for the Windows version you’re using.
  • Third-party security software may also cause issues for your system, blocking your computer from connecting to your WiFi network.

You’re now aware of the elements that can result in a Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi error. It is now time to move to the next part and discover the different options.

How to Fix Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wireless Network?

Let’s look at the steps to fix Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi. It is possible to re-establish the connection to the Toshiba computer and WiFi network employing any of the options listed below.

FIX 1 -Restart the Router and Modem

When you reboot your modem and router it is possible to repair the WiFi issue. Here are the steps that you’ll have to follow to fix toshiba laptop wont connect to internet

  • Remove the cables from the router and modem first.
  • After that, let it sit for 30 seconds.
  • After that, connect to the modem and then press the power button.
  • Hold on for a few seconds (at at least one minute).
  • After that, you can reconnect the router and wait for a couple of minutes.
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Examine if the Toshiba laptop is linked to the internet once your steps have been completed. If you’re having issues then you’re able to move to the next one.

FIX 2: Update the Network Adapter Drivers

To start to begin, press the Home key as well as the key R for the run window to pop up. Then, enter “devmgmt.msc” into it.

A Device Manager screen will appear following this method. Within this screen, search for and then select”Wireless Adapter” from the menu “Wireless Adapter” option from the menu that opens.

Right-click it, and choose “Update Driver Software” from the menu that opens.

Allow Windows to detect modified driver software automatically, by choosing this option from the drop-down menu.

Now, you must go through the steps on your computer. Then, restart your system and then connect it to the WiFi network again.

FIX 3: Reinstall the Network Adapter to Fix Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi

Toshiba Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi

If the problem persists after updating the network adapter driver then remove all drivers on the device. Allow Windows to install the latest version following the upgrade.

Step 1. In order to begin, you need to press both the Windows button and X keys simultaneously. After that, you’ll be presented with an options list, of which you can select Device Manager to start it.

Step 2. Once you see the Device Manager window appears, choose the network adapter in the drop-down menu. When you’ve found it click it right-click and select Uninstall in the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Then, choose the option “Delete the Driver Software for this Unit.” Then click OK to save the changes that have been made.

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Step 4. Once you have removed the driver visit the official network adapter manufacturer’s website to download the most current version that’s suitable for your device.

Step 5. For installing the application on your phone and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. After that restart your computer in order to install the new settings.

FIX 4: Reset the Channel Width for the Network Adapter

When the width channel of your adapter isn’t set correctly it will cause the Toshiba system to be unable to connect to the WiFi network. This means that the adapter’s channel should be reset.

Step 1. The first step is to press both the Windows Home key and S key in a row. After that, you’ll see the Search box, where you have to type ” network” and press the Enter key.

Step 2. Now the list of options will be displayed on your screen. From this list, you must select”Network and Sharing Center” “Network and Sharing Center”.

Step 3. In the Network and Sharing Center window, select the option “Change Adapter Settings” from the menu.

Step 4. Discover your Wireless adapter by right-clicking on it. After that, click the drop-down menu and choose the Properties option from the menu.

Step 5. The Properties tab, click the Advanced tab, then select the 802.11 channel width. Then, alter the width as needed. Most of the people who had issues report that setting the value back to 20 MHz resolved the issue for them. You can, however, choose a different number.

Step 6: In the menu that appears, choose the option to apply. Once you’ve done that, click”OK” to save your most recent updates.

FIX 5: Turn off IPv6 on the Router and Computer

Enabling your IPv6 network protocol can often assist in solving the issue of Toshiba laptop wont connect to internet. Follow the steps listed below to complete this process.

  • Click right-clicking upon the Connection bar to open the “Network and Sharing Center.” Click at your current location after the Link part has opened.
  • You will now be able to check the Link status displayed by the telephone. On the screen that displays, select Properties.
  • The Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP IPv6) is available here. Click it and remove the checkbox after you’ve found it.
  • After that, in the menu, choose Yes to save the most recent modifications. To apply the latest settings, select the Restart button.
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FIX 6: Manually Add the Network Connection

To start, visit your “Network and Sharing Center” and then select “Set Up A New Connection Or Network” from the menu that opens.

For the next step to continue, locate and select “Manually Connect to a Wireless Network” and then press”Next.

Enter the name of the network along with the security type, network name, and the security key, if you are asked. To complete the procedure, click next.

If your Toshiba system isn’t able to connect to the network and the error persists, modify the new protection type of the network.

FIX 7: Renew the IP Address

If neither of these methods work, try”ipconfig /release” instead of “ipconfig /release” command to solve the issue.

To start you can press the Home button while simultaneously pressing the X and Home keys. From the menu choose Command Prompt (Admin).

Enter the following commands into the Command Prompt window. After each command, you need to hit your Enter key.

  • IPconfig/release
  • ipconfig /renew

The Comment Prompt screen after successfully executing the commands. Now, you can connect the Toshiba invoice to the wireless network.

Final Words

With the workarounds that are reliably found in this post, You should be able to remove the Toshiba laptop that won’t connect to Wifi. Try each one at a time, to find out which one is best for you.

We hope the detailed details provided in this article are sufficient. If you have any additional concerns about this error, do not hesitate to write them down in the comments section below.

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