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How to Fix Gateway Authentication Failure U-Verse

When you try for connection to the Internet using a U-versus modem ” Gateway Authentication Failure” error is often observed and a configuration error is usually observed. This could be because that it being due to the router’s formation of corrupt initial settings.

Some launch settings are integrated by routers to cut down the amount of time it needs to determine its settings. But, they could be damaged at times and prevent users from using the internet. In certain situations, the configuration file of the router may be removed due to an abrupt shutdown which can stop its connection to servers.

What Causes Gateway Authentication Failure

There are many kinds of issues, including being the default gateway or the bad 502 gateway or the bad gateway 502. A very frequently encountered problem encountered when connecting to the Internet using U-verse is a gateway authentication error. The general rule is that this error is a result of a problem when the settings are changed.

What is the cause of this Gateway Authentication Failure? The most important reason behind the error is that the router sets the launch settings which can increase the load time. If a sudden shut down of the settings for setup is required the router will be prevented from connecting. Additionally, it could result problems if the Ethernet cable isn’t connected to the correct ONT port.

It is important to understand this issue all-encompassingly immediately. Then, look for solutions to fix security issues with gateways. Let’s begin!

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How Do I Fix Gateway Authentication Failure?

1. Power Cycling the Router

The problem can occur because the internet cache set by the router becomes damaged and the user becomes not able to securely connect with the server. So, by fully powering up the router’s internet connection and removing the cache at this point. This is the reason

  • Turn off the modem by disconnecting your power cable from power source.
  • Then, disconnect then the Ethernet cable at both ends.
  • Take a couple of minutes, then ensure that your modem remains idle.
  • Connect your modem’s cables, then switch on the modem.
  • Make an effort to return to the gateway, and then look the possibilities for improvement.

2. Reset the Modem

gateway authentication failure

Try to reset your current settings of the modem with the help of the reset button on the bottom of the modem. It is also possible to make this change via the settings page on routers. The following options have been suggested.

Through Router-

  • Press and hold on the button to rest for 35 second on the rear of the modem.
  • Release the button as soon as the lights begin to blink.
  • Check that the modem has been switched on.
  • Resetting the modem resets the entire device’s settings.
  • Make sure you return to the gateway, and check for any improvements.

Through Browser-

  • Go to your browser’s search bar, and type in “”
  • Type “” in the search bar
  • To sign in with your credentials, hit”Enter” to sign in “Enter” button.
  • Choose “Settings and then click on”Settings.” Click on “Reset” button. Select “Diagnostics.”
  • Choose”Reset to factory settings” and then click “Reset to default factory settings” and then wait until the process completes.
  • If the device is reset make sure that the device has been turned on to see whether the problem persists.
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3. Check for an Outage

gateway authentication failure u-verse
  • Visit the MyATT page. MyATT..
  • Log in using an ID and password for the party you are with.
  • Now , click Repair it now! Tools for Support under Help with my Service section.
  • Test runs and checks for issues with the gateway.
  • To make the suggested fixes, be sure to follow the instructions.

4. Check the Cable and ONT Port

gateway authentication failure 2020
  • When the proper cable isn’t in the ONT port, the gateway authentication error could occur.
  • Verify that you’ve connected the Ethernet cable to the right ONT port.
  • Check the User’s Guide for the router/modem in case you aren’t sure of the port number.
  • If your cable is plugged to the correct port, ensure that the cable is securely attached.
  • A loose connection could result in issues.
  • You can try establishing the gateway once connected and check for any changes.

5. Check the Network Connection

Based on the research after cleaning out the cables and disconnecting modems certain users are affected by a U-verse Gateway authentication error. You should check whether the connection has been tightened, or whether the cables were removed or not. To ensure an immediate connection, you must remove all battery units or surge guards as well as other gadgets.

Make contact with your service provider if you are still experiencing problems. Tech Support Experts can assist to solve the issue or offer backup options if the issue isn’t resolved.

6. Debug Using MYAT&T App

gateway authentication failure att

To address the problems with the U-Verse modem AT&T has released an app for mobile devices named myAT&T that assists customers in resolving numerous issues without having to contact support. The application tests your modem’s services and provides an on-screen solution that users can use to fix the majority of the problems.

7. Set Dual-Band on Your Router

Dual-Band routers simultaneously transmit signals using 2.4 5GHz and 2.4. In this manner, the dual-band router performs better than a single band router. To enable Dual-Band on your router, follow these listed steps.

  1. Open your browser and type your standard gateway’s IP in the address bar. This will open the router/Internet settings, where you will be able to view the current configuration of your modem.
  2. On the left-hand right side select the Wirelessoption Then, select an advancedoption.
  3. Locate your section Bandsection and then change the value by five GHz.
  4. Make the necessary changes in the modem configurations , then restart your router to allow the changes to be in effects.

8. Switch from Google DNS

Google DNS is an internet-based domain name server that is provided through Google for Internet users. If the methods above aren’t able to fix the issue of gateway authentication failing You can try logging on at Google DNS server and see whether the issue is fixed or not.

  1. Go to your Control Panel on your PC.
  2. Click on the Network and Internet option on the Control Panel Home Page.
  3. Click to open to open the Network & Sharing Center.
  4. Choose Change the adapter settings from the left on the right.
  5. Click right-clicking upon the Internet connection that you’re using, and then choose the Propertiesoption.
  6. Then search and select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click on the Propertiesoption.
  7. On the General tab Check the box that corresponds to ” Use the following DNS server address“.
  8. Enter the DNS address, and then click OK.:
  • The preferred DNS is
  • Alternate DNS
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What does this “Gateway Authentication Failure” Mean? Real user answers

  • Sounds like the modem is on the fritz. If the authentication fails, it means it is sending information, but it may not be receiving information. So the modem is talking but the server doesn’t know what it is or the modem doesn’t see anything. Try doing a hard reset on the modem, documentation should be with the unit that shows how to hard reset it.
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  • At&t Uverse Gateway
  • Before you go to lots of trouble, try rebooting the router. Just unplug the power to the router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect power to the router. I have to do ours about once every two weeks or the wireless units don’t work. If all that fails then call ATT. (That assumes all the lights on the router are green and that wired units are working.)

See What AT&T Community has to say about Gateway Authentication Failure

A user said:

“I was cleaning up some wires and unplugged my modem and when it was plugged back in I’m getting a gateway authentication failure when trying to access the internet. My TV no longer works either. My power local internet and broadband lights are green, while service is lit up red (3800 hgv-b modem). I did go to my home portal site but couldn’t find a run setup wizard button (saw it on a forum post). Not really sure what to do next, any response would be appreciated.”

Here is how AT&T community support responded:

Gateway Reset and Troubleshooting

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Gateway Authentication Failure

If you have a Blinking or Solid Red Broadband light, resetting the modem and checking cables and connections is recommended:

  1. Reset the Modem: Press and hold the reset button located on the rear of the modem for 20 seconds. This may get your services up and working. You can also log into the modem to reset it. Click here for more information on how to reset the modem. 
  2. Check the Connections: they can loosen if bumped into. Sometimes cables are unplugged by mistake. Remove all surge protectors, battery units, and other equipment so that there is a direct connection. 

Also, please be wary of any change that may have occurred around the time service dropped like: adding new equipment, storms, power loss or something out of the ordinary.

Using the myAT&T app / Check for Outages

If you are having issues with your service, be sure to download the myAT&T app and go to the “Support” tab at the bottom and follow the self troubleshooting guides. The tool will begin testing your service and recommend some steps that you can take to restore your connection. 

You can also check to see if there is any trouble in your area. Fill out your address or sign in. If there is an issue, you can also put your information in to stay updated.”


(Read More)

FAQs – Gateway Authentication Failure

What is the reason my wifi continues to say Gateway An authentication error?

“Gateway authentication error att” can be caused by modified settings or corrupted launch configurations, or because the internet router’s built-in cache is corrupted. In addition, a weak or unreliable cable connection could result in a gateway authentication error.

How Can I Repair my AT&T Gateway?

You can repair “gateway authentication error att” by following these steps: Check whether your cables connect to the proper ONT Port.
Conducting the Power Cycling process on the router.
Make a complete reset of your router-modem to reset the initial configurations.
Find out if there is an outage.
Troubleshooting with troubleshooting using the ” myAT&T” mobile application.
You can enable Dual-Band mode in your router.
Moving on to Google DNS Server.

What Do I Need to Reset my AT&T Gateway?

Keep in mind all the cable configurations of the old router. then move the cable cables from that router over to the brand new in a sequence, according to the instructions in the user’s manual. The router should be turned on after which the lights for the state of the router are solid green, it is now the latest AT&T Gateway is ready for use.

Where is the Gateway Reset Button?

The button for reset is close to the power input at the lower part on the back of the router. Hold the button down for 10 seconds to allow the reset to occur. All status lights will light in the direction of connection and will change to solid green when the gateway reset succeeds.

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