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How to Fix DNS isn’t Resolving Xbox Server Names – 5 Best Solutions

The “DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names” error is usually triggered in the event that the Xbox console isn’t able to determine a valid DNS address in order to connect to the internet effectively. This issue usually occurs when you are using wireless networks and is also quite frequent.

DNS is a crucial decentralized naming system that functions flawlessly when connected to the internet. Although the difficulties may appear to be a bit high, however, it is easily solved using the simple techniques below for troubleshooting.

How can I fix DNS isn’t Resolving Xbox Server Names?

In this guide we will address the issue DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names and its tried and tested strategies to help you get through your day.

Solution 1: Restart the Xbox device and the router

  1. Then, you can start both your Xbox One and router.
  2. Disconnect the router.
  3. Switch into the Xbox console.
  4. Click then Hold on the Xbox button located on your gamepad.
  5. Choose Restart console and select Restart console as well as Select the Restart options.
  6. You should wait for approximately five minutes.
  7. Then switch on the router once more.

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Solution 2. Change DNS to Google to fix DNS isn’t Resolving Xbox Server Names?

A few users complained that DNS wasn’t resolved after changing your DNS on Google to fix the Xbox Server Names error. Turn on your console and do that on Xbox One.

  1. In the console menu select Settings..
  2. Choose Network to display the options displayed below.
  3. Click Advanced Settings and then DNS configurations.
  4. Choose the Manual option for the primary DNS box to display as shown directly below.
  5. Input the 8 Primary the DNS box within each of the four boxes. So, the total number of characters entered in the 4 boxes will be 8888.
  6. To enter input for the keyboard Click on the Enter button.
  7. In the image below, enter in the screenshot below, type 8844 directly to get a secondary DNS.
  8. To save the updated DNS configuration, click the button B. Your connection will then be checked , and hopefully, you will see your internet connection is connected via your server.
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Solution 3: Reset your router

The DNS isn’t resolving the Xbox server names issue because of the settings on your router. It is recommended to reset. Locate the reset button to reset the router.

For pressing the reset button, you’ll require something like pins or paper clips. For resetting your router, you need to press the button for about 10 minutes.

But, it is important to note resetting a router erases the settings from the internet service provider, and you will require reconnecting devices.

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Solution 4: Change your WiFi channel’s width to 20Mhz

DNS isn’t Resolving Xbox Server Names
  • If this isn’t the width of the channel, selecting the width of that is 20Mhz is another option to fix an Xbox DNS server names mistake. To achieve this, hold the R-keyboard and then the Windows key to begin Run.
  • Click OK, then start typing Run cmd.
  • Enter the command ipconfig and hit the Return key within the Command Prompt.
  • Note the number of the default portal. default portal.
  • Open the tab. Start an internet web browser.
  • Enter the default gateway number , then press the Return key within the URL bar.
  • Visit your setup page to find wireless configurations.
  • Select the 20Mhz drop-down menu in Channel Width. This is the most preferred Xbox One mode.

Solution 5: Using a Wired Connection

Here is the final tested method to solve DNS isnt resolving Xbox server names. Try connecting via a wired connection to the Xbox If you are unable to join the web by using one of these methods. Many users claimed that they were able to connect to a wired link via the wireless network and that the Xbox connected without other issues. There were a variety of stories from users. Be sure the wire is properly inserted and placed in the correct slot. Be sure the other end of the wire is connected, too. After that, you can reboot your Xbox.

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I hope that you will be able to resolve the Xbox-related issue through this article. We are always willing to provide you with feedback and we’ll be sure to help you.

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