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How to Delete a Credit Card From Amazon – Step by Step Guide

Amazon users always look for the solution of how to delete a credit card from amazon. To deactivate a credit or debit card that is associated with Amazon and Amazon Pay, log into Log in to your account, select “Your Account” from the main menu, select “Payment options” to remove your credit or debit card off Amazon or Amazon Pay. Then, you can erase the credit card’s information and, if needed you can add a new card.

On desktops you will see you’ll notice that the “Your Account” option is located in the top left corner. In the mobile application however, it’s located on the left side in upper right. For mobile devices, “Payment options” is named “Manage payment options.”

The process of How to Delete a Credit Card From Amazon requires only several minutes. This will stop you from accidentally entering wrong payment details later on. Also, when you withdraw your Amazon card Amazon is also a way to erase the data from all other sites accepting Amazon Pay. While the process is fast however, you’ll need to do it several times be sure to pay careful attention to the various steps.

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How do I remove a Credit Card from Amazon

  1. Visit Amazon then sign in.
  2. In the menu at the top, choose ” Your Account
  3. Select ” Payment options” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Take away your payment option by pressing it.
  5. In the menu drop-down, select ” Delete
  6. Make sure you confirm that you wish to erase the card.
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This is all it takes to disable the Amazon credit card. The payment method you used previously was deleted from the account. If you make a purchase on Amazon this will not be available anymore. It will also disappear on any sites that have Amazon Pay enabled. It’s important to note that if your card’s information is changed, like your billing information, then you could simply select “Edit” instead of “Delete” to rectify it.

How to Add a Card to Amazon

It is possible to add another credit card following taking one off of Amazon. To do this simply click the menu at the top and select “Add credit/debit card.” The card’s number and expiration date, as well as the security code, as well as the billing address will be added. Enter your name exactly like it appears on your card.

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