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How to become an influencer on Instagram?

Marketing through Instagram is a new method of marketing. The two techniques of Instagram marketing are digital network marketing and influencer marketing. There are a number of large as well as small businesses that use this method to enhance their business. These techniques of modern-day marketing are immensely successful and these techniques enabled businesses to extend their branches all over the world by just sitting in one corner of the country. The power of social media is unbelievable. Nobody thought a decade back that the future belongs to social media only.  

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, also known as social media marketing, is a type of marketing that uses an influencer to promote a particular brand or a product or a service. Now what are influencers? Influencers are those people who have a certain fan base on Instagram, they have high quality followers. They basically trend for their content which includes vlogging, dancing, singing etc. We can say that these people are the real dominants of Instagram. They have held a big hand in growing Instagram marketing. Moreover, many big brands existing today got fame through this. The reason people rely on the brand promoted by them is because they are trustworthy who appears as an expert.

Who is an Influencer?

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In very simple words influencers is someone who influences others. In social media marketing an influential person endorses or places a brand for which he/she gets paid. The reason businesses choose them for marketing is because they are trustworthy with a huge fan base and they are considered as an expert in their niche. In order to promote the brand in front of masses businesses approach influencers for brand endorsement and placements.

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How to become an Influencer?

  1. Choose your genre– Genre simply means your field of interest. There is a long list of things you can post on Instagram like food, dance, music, acting, comedy, fashion, art and craft. To know the field of your interest is a primary step because if you randomly post everything on your Instagram it will feel like a mess to you and your audience. There is always a particular thing in which we are good enough, just bring it out and make your content accordingly.
  2. Practice photo and video editing- The prerequisites of becoming an influencer is to know editing skills. Whatever influencers post on Instagram mostly it is not raw. Pictures and videos are posted after editing. Moreover, to make your content attractive and appealing knowing editing is a must. Instagram makes it easy for you with several in-built editing features on the application itself. Software editing is somehow tough and it takes a period of time to get a grip of it. If you want to start immediately then Instagram makes it easy for you.
  3. Post regularly– To retain your followers regular posting is a must. When you post regularly your followers see you more frequently and share your content often. This will increase your followers’ consistently. Ghosting your followers is not good, in this way people will unfollow you thinking you as a fake account. Therefore, showing regular activity is important, because people only follow active accounts on Instagram.
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  1. Interact– To get in touch with your audience is necessary. In order to do so, conduct a live session at least once a week with Instagram live feature. People believe you when they see you. Also, you get to know if your content is liked by your audience or not. The changes and the improvements that can be made to enhance content quality. Maintain a relationship with audience and give them insights of you and your upcoming posts.
  2. Gain followers– In order to make brands reach you for promotion you must have an account with a high number of followers and a fanbase. To gain followers, post content which is informative, creative, appealing and must promote a cause or a purpose. One can also avail certain platforms such as blastup to buy followers. People accept your content if it is something unique. When you post unique content, your followers share you with their friends and groups in this way your likes and views increase and more people reach your profile which can give a boost to your followers.
  3. Open for business– Having a five- or six-digit follower account is good enough to get brands for marketing. After which you can start influencer marketing depending on the niche you chose. But how to get brands to reach you? The first step is to set a tone of your profile which is done through bio. A bio is a glimpse of your overall profile. The best bios always mention what your Instagram is all about. With the use of the right keywords business can find you easily through google searches. 
  4. Switch to professional account- After getting followers and setting a great bio it is a good time to convert your account into a business account. By doing so you get access to several analytic features which help you to get potential sponsors. It also makes it easy for businesses to decide why you are capable of hiring to market their brand. First associate Facebook page with your Instagram account. Connect your Instagram to this page and you are done.
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  1. Associate with influencer databases– There are influencer database companies to which businesses register. The job of these companies is to make a list of potential influencers of different niches which have the capability and a significant fan base to promote a brand. Some of them also work as a middleman between the influencers and businesses to set up a campaign between the two. Share your profile and get associated with these databases.


To become an Influencer seems easy because it is. The only thing that matters is your content. Quality content has the potential to go viral. It is all about how well you churn with your content. Be consistent with your posts even if you have only a hundred followers. Patience is the key. Expecting overnight fame is slow-witted, especially in the present scenario where there are millions of influencers online. To make a path out of it the not tough yet challenging. The only thing that can make a difference is your content. Everday give 2-3 hours for making a high quality, appealing and unique content.

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