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There are only weeks left before you can open your Nintendo Switch box. But if you’re eager to find out what’s inside, you can crack ours open and take out the guts. Here’s what you get in the Nintendo Switch box, along with some close-up shots of the Joy-Cons and dock and the oh-so-shiny display.

And here are the things that don’t come with the Nintendo Switch box and where you can get extras at the best prices.

First look

You’ll find the Joy-Cons all wrapped up in a snug package and the Switch console. There are currently only two types of Joy-Con: neon and grey. But, Nintendo will be releasing new designs and pairs that can completely transform the Switch’s appearance. They’ll also allow you to play multiplayer with the Joy-Con halves. Oh, and Pikachu yellow?

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Going in

You can find all sorts of strange wrapped items once you get one layer down. It’s quite simple. You will find two wires in the instructions. The first is the USB-C adapter charging cable, while the second is a traditional HDMI and HDMI cable that you can plug into your TV via the HDMI to HDMI connector. The next slide will reveal all about the other wires.


The Joy-Con grip is the mysteriously wrapped middle item. It allows you to slide in both controllers traditionally. While the Nintendo Switch dock was located on the right, it was hidden behind the Joy-Con grip.

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Two wrist straps are available for Joy-Cons, in case things get too exciting during 1-2 Switch. Because you were too busy milking the cows, you don’t want a 2006-style Wiimote to navigate through the TV. You don’t lose functionality by attaching the wrist straps to the Joy-Cons.

Wireless wonder

It’s all here without any cellophane. You won’t lose any parts because it’s so simple. You’re likely to spend most of your time on the move with the Switch, so it makes sense to slide the Joy-Cons onto the sides and not have to worry about stuffing everything into a bag.

It just clicks

It is very easy to slide each Joy-Con onto your screen. You’ll be able to tell when a satisfying click does it.

Two ways to play

This is the first controller setup you will likely use. You can use one Joy-Con to each side, so you can settle down and enjoy what feels like a large handheld console. There’s always another option if you get tired of this.

Grip up the rule book

Joy-Con grip allows you to play in a traditional gaming position. Both of them slide onto the shell with a satisfying click and bolt into place.


Although the plastic Nintendo good boy comes in the box does not charge your Joy-Cons, it allows you to relax and play comfortably.

Dock and load

This is where you can insert a game card into your Switch. The enclosure is enclosed at the top of the main console to ensure that the card remains snug. You’ll also find the 3.5mm headset jack right next to the card. This means that your wire won’t get in the path of playing while on the move. Slide it down the back. You can also stand your device on the kickstand without worrying about your headphones.

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Ports in a storm

You can conceal the ports on the dock by flipping down a panel. The HDMI port is used to send the signal to the TV. You can charge the Nintendo Switch and dock using the adapter port, a USB C. If you don’t have the charging grip, you will need to place the Joy-Cons on the sides of your screen.

Card games

Although the console does not come with any games, you can see what the cartridge looks like if you decide to purchase some. This cute little package arrives in a large box that looks almost like a Vita case.

Some scale

Here’s the Switch card. You can carry a lot of them when you travel, but the only thing you care about is Breath of the Wild.

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