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Gramblr Alternatives | Top 7 Apps Like Gramblr in 2021

Gramblr allows you to upload photos and videos directly from your computer to Instagram. This app might be familiar to you if you’re an old Instagram user. This app allows you to use Instagram on your computer without a smartphone.

It was launched in 2008 and has since gained so much popularity. The Gramblr app has been removed from its official website. If you’re a Gramblr user and are looking for a similar app, then you have come to the right place. You have many options.

Top 7 Alternatives of Gramblr | Softwares Like Gramblr

Each app has its own advantages, so make sure you choose wisely from the alternatives Gramblr. Each app will be listed with a link to download. You can then download the app and get started.

1. Flume

Flume app allows you to use your Instagram account from a PC. It also lets you send and receive messages, upload photos and videos, and much more. Switching between accounts is easy. This tool can be used for group discussions and you can easily share photos and videos.

This tool is available for Instagram Business Profiles. It allows you to show stats about your followers and comments.

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2. Later

Later is a great alternative to Gramblr. This app is becoming more popular. Instagram users have started to check their analytic summaries. You can choose between a paid or free version of this app.

The free version allows you to schedule posts whenever you wish to publish them on Instagram. The premium version is required if you wish to schedule multiple posts. The Later app allows you to schedule Instagram posts.

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3. Windows Instagram App

The Windows 10 Instagram App can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft Store. Access all your Instagram direct messages, view recent likes, and much more. It is a windows application so you can use it on your computer and add images to Instagram.

You can choose any photo from your gallery or you can use the desktop cam to capture a photograph.

4. Grum

You can schedule Instagram posts for up to a week with the Grum app. This app can be used on your computer to upload photos and schedule posts on Instagram whenever you like.

You can also use filters, hashtags and calendar posts to multi-account posts. You don’t have to log in and log off every time you want to modify an account.

5. For Instagram Desktop

You can access your Instagram account from your computer using a simple app, just as you do on your smartphone. It allows you upload photos from your computer and open them in HD.

You can view notifications. This app can do all the same things as a smartphone. This app can also be used on a PC.

6. AiSchedule

The AiSchedule App is completely free and allows you to upload images to your Instagram. You can also add your best Instagram stories to it. You can set up posts to be posted for days or weeks according to your preference. You can use multiple accounts from one device. This app allows you to post your stories without worrying.

It supports Geo-Tags, and can also be used to tag people. It also has an advanced Hashtag Searcher that will help you generate high-quality posts. This app can be used to reply to comments automatically.

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7. BlueStacks

Bluestacks, the most popular emulator, is the best option to Gramblr. It can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. It is also free to download, without in-app purchases. Download the app to your computer and log into your Gmail account.

Log in to your Instagram account using the app. That’s all. If you don’t own a smartphone, you can use Instagram on your computer.


These apps are very similar to Gramblr. These apps might be useful if you are a regular Gramblr user. Each of the apps or websites mentioned above has its own advantages. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. We hope you found this article helpful.

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