How to find and solve all 12 God of War treasure maps

There are 12 God of War treasure maps to be found and solved throughout Kratos’ adventures. Each map refers to a different area. Once you match each drawing with the appropriate size, you will find a stash full of useful materials that you can use for upgrading your gear. As if that weren’t enough incentive, if all 12 maps are solved, you will unlock the God of War Treasure Hunter Trophy. This is some lovely stuff.

This is not an easy task. It cannot be easy to match each drawing to an area you have yet to find. Even if you manage to find the treasure location on the treasure map, it is not always easy. We have a complete guide for finding and solving the 12 God of War treasure maps, so you don’t have to worry about the hunt. This is the perfect time to get your Platinum trophy, as it’s now available on PS5 as part o the PS Plus Collection games.

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God of War treasure map: Hunter’s Kingdom

Take your boat and go up to the beach. Once you have finished, get Atreus to take the scroll from the sand.

The Hunter’s Kingdom treasure can be found in Veithurgard. Just watch out for the dragon. You will find the large door with spinning rune locks at the Veithurgard area’s far left. After you have defeated all your enemies, head left to the side of the door. There is a small pile of stones that will hide the treasure.

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God of War treasure map: The Boat Captain’s Key

You’ll recognize it once you see the huge waterfall that flows over the stone mountain. They love to be literal with God of War. You are pulling up your boat just near the place, the Boat Captain’s Key treasure map is lying on the beach.

How to solve it: This map shows that the problem is about a captain who went down with his ship. The treasure awaits you in the hull of this shipwreck when you reach the top of the Island.

God of War treasure map: Dead and Bloated

How to find it: The Volunteer Mines are located in the grey rock area below the Mountain. After killing the mythical beasties, you will need to crank the door open and then follow the path around the right. You’ll find the treasure maps next to the red box at the end of the chain.

How to solve it: This treasure can be found right next to a giant’s body, as the name and image indicate.

God of War treasure map: Don’t Blink

Find it: Fafnir’s Storeroom is located to the east of the map through Forgotten Caverns.

However, due to thick black smoke, you won’t have the ability to solve the treasure hunt until the Bifrost Crystal is available. Once you have the Bifrost Crystal, climb up the Mountain to the right of the stone face. Then, go back down the path until you reach the stone pile.

God of War treasure map: The Turtle’s Tribute

How to find it – The Turtle’s Tribute is one of the few treasure maps with both the solution and the map. If you’re coming directly from Witch’s Cave, the map will be found on the Lower Level. The climbing block, which is barred by branches initially, can be found in the room to the right.

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It’s easy to solve: Go back to Witch’s Woods to find the treasure right next to the head of the giant turtle.

God of War treasure map: Kneel Before Thor

You can continue down the track and get into the lift to the left. In a small gap, you will find a red chest with the Kneel Before Thor treasure map.

How do you solve it? The treasure at the feet of God of gods cannot be found anywhere other than the base of Thor’s statue. It’s located right next to his right foot.

God of War treasure map: Creation Island

Go to Buri’s Storeroom, to the east on the map. This is the opposite side of the main landing. Then it can be found in the rocks to your right. Be careful of the meanies that will want to take your life.

God of War treasure map: The Last Place They’d Look

You can find it by following the path of explosive red crystals from the top of the mountain lift. The treasure map can be found inside the small hut by following the course.

Next, the treasure pile can be found just to the left side of the Valkyrie crown.

God of War treasure map: Island of Light

You will find the treasure at the edge of the rocky outcrop by heading down the few chains to the north.

God of War treasure map: Njord’s Oarsman

You’ll need to go to the huge boat at the trail’s end where the battle took place. Could you continue to the small opening below it? The treasure map is located in this area, right next to a soldier who has died.

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Follow the thin edge of rock and climb to the top.

God of War treasure map: Finder’s Fee

How to locate it – It is located in the cave just above the Forgotten Caverns beach, northwest of Lake of Nine. The Finder’s Fee Map can be found by looking at the chest at its back.

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