Thor, Ragnarok, and every other wild fan theory about what Kratos is up to in God of War

We love everything we have seen of God of War, but there are still many questions about what the trailers show. We know Kratos is leaving the Greek world of gods, men and women for a more Scandinavian-inspired one. We know that he isn’t as powerful as he used to be. We know that he has a son and a great beard. We don’t have any more details about his story at the moment.

People who are experts in God of War’s history can post their theories on how Kratos got to where he is and what the trailers might be suggesting. While some theories are fascinating, others are completely absurd; the five following are devious. Take a look and let us know if you are drawn to any of their clever predictions.

Kratos’ son is named after a key God of War 2 character

This theory has been widely researched and received a surprising amount of online attention. We now know the name of Kratos’ son, Atreus, thanks to an audio file leak and Cory Barlog, the creative director. This name can open up a lot of narrative possibilities if you are familiar with Greek mythology. But this hypothesis is the most intriguing. It is believed that Atreus, another cursed Greek fratricide, is being subverted by Santa Monica Studio for reasons too long to discuss here.

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The theory goes that Kratos, who is now dead, is found by his faithful servant, who heals him and then smuggles him to the Norse world. This assumes that Mr Last Spartan had to have given his life to save Kratos on the journey to the Norse land. The God of war recognizes this debt and names his son Atreus after him. Although it’s complicated and a little far-fetched, a solid argument can be made using the plot threads from previous God of War games. This makes the postulation admirable, at least based on its familiarity with the entire franchise’s history.

Kratos is seeking revenge for the death of his wife

Plke013 credits the idea. It is believed that Kratos, sometime in the past, arrived in the Norse gods’ world and fell in love with the woman in this trailer. They then started a family. The trailer shows the same woman warning Kratos that the gods of these realms won’t tolerate outsiders. They’ll make it difficult for you if they find you.” Could this be a flashback back to Kratos’ baby years? Kratos fled the Norse world to protect his family from danger.

This assertion is supported by a scene from God of War’s E3 2016 trailer in which Kratos questions Atreus about his mother’s hunting skills. So we can assume that Kratos was not there to teach his son the art of hunting. What could have happened to Kratos, the God of war, after all these years? The absence of Atreus’ mother may indicate that something is wrong with her. Kratos could be trying to get revenge on her or to protect her from an unknown danger. There may be more, but this story about a family could be powerful if it becomes the narrative thrust for God of War.

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Kratos and his son are the key to ending Ragnarok

Ragnarok is the Nordic version of doomsday. The gods fight in a large battle, many of them are killed, and the entire world is submerged underwater before eventually rising with the remaining survivors. They suggest that the evidence we have seen thus far is the duo preparing for or trying to stop the battle.

Some theorists even go further and say that Atreus is Ragnarok. That little boy is indeed the god killer, and all immortals in the land want him dead. This explains Kratos’ attempts to train him for combat. Others argue Kratos may be Ragnarok’s living embodiment, which would make sense considering he is known for causing destruction wherever he goes. Given the importance Ragnarok has in Norse mythology, it is easy to see how these theories could be true.

There’s two Kratos’s, and they both want to kill each other

Here are the murky complications that time travel can cause. Lildoop says that Kratos, who was saved, is upset with his rescuer because he took Zeus’ chance at vengeance and has committed to hunting down his counterpart for his revenge.

According to the God of War 2 cut-scene, Kratos was still imprisoned by Zeus before he could save himself. Although it isn’t directly addressed, it seems that Kratos’ time-travelling clone takes over the timeline from his bleeding corpse. It seems unlikely that Santa Monica would return to the murky waters and time-travel when the main focus is on Norse mythology, which is not known for its time-hopping stories. However, this theory cannot be dismissed because the franchise has not been afraid to tell a bizarre story.

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Kratos is Odin, and his son is Thor, God of Thunder

This theory has been somewhat undermined by the latest E3 trailer for God of War (could it be Thor’s body? During the troll fight, Atreus can be seen charging up his bow with lightning. Do you sound familiar? Santa Monica said that Kratos teaches his son how he can be a god, and his son teaches Kratos how he can be human again.

What does this mean for Kratos? This is because Odin, a Greek mythological immortal associated with war, is the father of Thor. Fans speculate that this may be linked to God of War 3’s end, where Pandora’s box has effectively wiped out Greek mythology. This is Santa Monica’s original origin story for Odin/Thor. Woah.

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