Fortnite Solar Arrays – where to visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle for the Week 9 challenge

Several Fortnite’s solar arrays are ready to harness the sun’s power, which seems to indicate that renewable energy is being spread across the island. You’ll need to know where you can find a solar array in the desert, snow, or jungle if you want to complete the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges Week 9. We’ve got everything you need for Fortnite, so we’ll show all the Fortnite solar array locations.

Where to visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle in Fortnite

You’ll need to call the desert, snow, and jungle biomes to reach all the solar arrays. This is the name of this challenge. Below are more details about the exact Fortnite locations of solar arrays. You can also visit them in any order.

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Fortnite snow solar array

The solar arrays can be found at the west end, near the sea. They are hidden behind large red hangars.

Fortnite desert solar array

You will need to travel east from Paradise Palms to find the Fortnite dessert array. The large hill on the top of the hill is the solar array. It’s located between the town and John Wick’s house on the east coast.

Fortnite jungle solar array

Because it is so tall, you can easily spot the final solar array if you go to the coast close to the hot springs.

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