Fort Byte 92 Rock Love Spray Lavafall

However, there isn’t much lava right now, enough to make it worth your while to search for the Fortnite Fortbyte.

If you have the Rock Love Spray close at hand, you can head to the Fortnite rock near the Pressure Plant.

You can expect to see many people doing the same thing if you glide in from the beginning, which could make it quite short. It might be better first to find the right spot and spray up without getting hurt. Then, go to the Pressure Plant volcano. No matter what your method of choice, you will find Fortbyte here.

You’ll see it as a ghostly outline if you approach. If you keep your eyes in the right direction, you will find it quickly enough. You will need to spray Rock Love spray near it to make it accessible as described. The Fortbyte’s big rock wall is your canvas. Spray it up, and the Fortbyte becomes solid and collectible.

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That’s one more Fortbyte Epic expects people to collect almost every day. Although you don’t need to collect them all at once, there is 100 total, and you don’t want them building up. This is especially true since they are only available for Season 9 and can be collected only once per season. It doesn’t matter what the reward for all of this; it should have been worth it.

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