Fortnite chest locations – Where to find every chest on the map

1. Gas station

Walking right into Salty out of Dusty along with the very first construction you may notice is really actually just a gas channel. Head indoors with this particular torso area. Interesting truth: here could be actually the sole gasoline station about the full map having a torso indoors.

2. Brick house garage

Proceed throughout town the very first house could be your brick on the northern aspect. Divide over the garage grab that torso area.

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3. Brick house attic

Split in to the loft to catch the torso about the opposite hand of your home.

4. Blue house attic

The second house combined is painted gloomy. Start from the loft with this particular torso. It has broken up in to three segments, the torso is directly over the corner at your home.

5. Blue house basement toilet

Head down stairs into the cellar to get this torso at your restroom.

6. Blue house secret basement 1

Look under the staircase at the very first basement ground and then damage some bins to unveil a pit causing a more impressive cellar. This torso is in the floor with all the hands devices.

7. Blue house secret basement 2

At an identical space, this torso can be at the other corner via an ammo box.

8. Bungalow roof

Within the street from your gloomy home is really just a bungalow. The single torso can be seen at the loft.

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9. Broken attic 1

Down on the trail will be a partly shattered house with way of a tree backward. Right on most effective, this torso are seen at the whole bigger loft.

10. Broken attic 2

Hurry through the roofing onto to the flooring below and also this torso is appropriate adjacent into the tree backward.

11. Broken basement

Head within your home and down the staircase with this particular torso at the cellar.

12. Eastern house garage

Go into the close of the trail and the dwelling is confronting others, in a tjunction. This torso is located from the garage .

13. Eastern house attic

Have a glimpse at the loft with this particular torso at the corner.

14. Sniper nest

To the mountain at the rear of the oriental home is the sniper tower having a chest on very top.

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