Fortnite Bottle Flip locations: Where to land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig

After completing Week 9, you might be searching for Fortnite Bottle Flip locations to try and land a Bottle Flip near a large fish, llama, or pig. This is the last prestige mission of the Fortnite Bullseye Challenge. Congratulations on getting to this stage. Once you have that, you can go out and start flipping.

Fortnite Bottle Flip locations

They are located near a giant fish or llama, or pig. They are near giant fish G2, giant llama B1, and giant pig G10.

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After you have found the Fortnite Bottle Flip target, then you need to flip a Bottle Flip. Although the outcome of a Bottle flip can be random, it depends on where you are and how your aim angle is. You will need to line up so that the bottle hits the target. For us, this was aligning the sight with where the bottle hit. To complete the challenge, you only need one Fortnite Bottle Flip. However, if you can find the right angle and continue repeating the action, you will be able to flip every time!

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