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What to do if You Forgot Apple Watch Passcode

Apple Watch and some of its functions are passwords protected as well as other security precautions in place. Security is the main reason that the watch, as well as the rest of iOS products, has been favored by consumers over rivals. The password feature can be effective against any person who steals or attempts to hack into your wearable. But do you realize it could be used against you as well? Someone with a poor memory who frequently declares, “I forgot Apple Watch passcode,” is aware of this.

You’ve forgotten the Apple Watch passcode. The problem is just as serious as having an Apple Watch not charging because you are unable to use the device. What do you do to get access back to the Apple Watch? In the event that you fail to remember the passcode, the only way to unlock the device is to master the methods we’ll discuss here.

Must-try Methods If You Forgot Your Apple Watch Passcode

There’s no reason to panic, worry, or get assistance from professionals (which could take too long) in the circumstance you’re in.

We’re here to help you in any way we can. In addition, the workarounds to the case where you’ve forgotten your Apple Watch passcode are easy to implement, and it’s the same as trying to connect to your smartphone even if you lost your iPhone password. You don’t have to become an expert tech for Apple gadgets to do the work. Let’s move on to the instructional videos, will we?

Make Apple Watch Revert to Factory State on Its Own

If you experience any glitches with any issue with an Apple device, you’ll be grateful for the buttons to immediately solve the issue or “exit” the situation you are stuck in. This is also true when you are unable to access your Apple Watch due to the fact that you have forgotten your Apple Watch passcode. You can, however, make use of the watch’s button as well as its rotating crown to pull up quick menus and reset your wearable.


Resetting refers to the removal of the data (including media) and settings on your Apple Watch. An iPhone connected to an Apple Watch gains a backup copy of that information and settings before the reset is in effect.

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Set Your Apple Watch through button shortcuts

1. Make sure that the wearable is connected to its charging pad.

2. It is shut down by pressing the button to the side.

3. Quick settings can be accessed by pressing on the crown of your Apple Watch.

4. If you select the option to erase all content and the Settings tab, select Reset.

5. Check your actions by pressing Reset another time.

After you had restored your Apple Watch to its state when it first came from the factory, and it was not equipped with a passcode in place, it’s time to set a new passcode on it. It is still important to secure your Apple Watch despite any issues you’ve experienced.

Finalize the first time setup and create a passcode

1. Turn on your wearable while you wear it, and then walk close to your iPhone.

2. At your Apple Watch’s Apple Watch setup prompt, click Continue.

Alternately, go to the Apple Watch app > All Watches > Pair New Watch > Set up for Myself/Family Members.

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3. When your iPhone shifts to camera view, ensure that your watch is aligned to the frame on the screen.

*You can choose to click Pair Manually if you’re unable to align the wearable correctly or it is not identified.

4. After pairing has been successful, you can choose to Restore From Backup or Set to New.

5. Login using an Apple ID to set up features for your wearable.

6. Then, following the onscreen steps on the screen, you can either make an entirely brand new Apple Watch passcode or not.

If you would like to create a password, simply click to create a Passcode.

7. Download Apple Watch apps at the prompt.

8. Make sure that your wearable is synchronized with your iPhone, and then you’re done.

If you’ve set a fresh password, be sure to have backup plans that will keep it in mind when you need to and not like the last Apple Watch passcode you forgot.

If your device isn’t able to begin the process, look at our suggestions for fixing your Apple Watch that got stuck on the Apple logo.

Reset Your Wearable via the Apple Watch App

There’s an alternative to the earlier solution in the case that you have forgotten your Apple Watch passcode – make your device return to its factory condition using your iOS device. This isn’t a problem to test if you have an iPhone connected directly to the wearable. What you’ll need specifically from your smartphone to accomplish the task will be the Apple Watch app.

Here’s a breakdown of the process to help you:

1. Your smartphone and your wearable should be within the pairing range to be able to communicate.

2. Make use of to use the Apple Watch app installed on the iPhone.

3. Click on the button that says My Watch.

4. To access the My Watch interface, select General.

5. Select the Reset option afterward.

6. Click on Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings and follow the same procedure on the next screen.

7. Input in your Apple ID as needed.

Using an Apple Watch GPS or Cellular? You can choose to cancel your cell plan at any time. We believe this would be beneficial only if you plan to connect your Apple Watch to a different iOS device following the loss of the Apple Watch passcode. If not, you’re good to go.

After you have completed all of the above steps, it is recommended to follow our tutorial for creating your Apple Watch and a new password. We strongly recommend that you complete the activation process to ensure the complete security and function of your device.

Bonus Tip #1: Back Up Your Apple Watch Passcode Safely

If you’re worried that you’re in the “I forgot my Apple Watch passcode” scenario could happen again due to the numerous passwords that you need to remember over the course of your life, it is possible to avoid this. Back up the backup of your Apple Watch passcode. There are various (and secure) methods to do this, according to this article.

But wait, why doesn’t the iPhone backup instantly with the Apple Watch passcode when paired with the wearable? Isn’t it a digital copy of the passcode available when choosing Restore From Backup during the reset process, you might ask? The simple answer to your query is no. The iPhone doesn’t perform that function, and a backup password cannot be created and handed to the user. When you pair your iOS device will store your Apple Watch data, but the recoverable data is limited to:

  • Health-related and preinstalled app information
  • All apps, the entire system time zone, notification music, dock, and Siri’s voice feedback settings
  • Home dashboard layout
  • Watch OS watches faces
  • Photos that were synchronized
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Now that you know what is able and not able to be restored continue reading for our recommendations on Apple Watch password backup methods.

Use a Reliable Password Manager App

A password manager application is the perfect “drawer” for retrieving information when you’ve forgotten the Apple Watch passcode and other credentials. The best part is that there are numerous versions, both paid and free, you can download from the App Store. A few of the subscription-based choices offered on the App Store also provide trial versions for free in the event that you’re interested in testing the waters before signing up for any subscription.

These are the top two apps competing for the best spot for managing passwords for all mobile devices, as well as Apple Watch. Apple Watch. Try these on your Apple Watch if you’re curious:


Photo by AgileBits Inc. on the App Store

1Password excels in its primary function due to its secure end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only you have the password that allows you to access your passcode list within the app. It also has an efficient method for organizing your passwords known as “vaults” – password groups that are classified by the place you are using your passwords. This includes payment, logins, and many more. Most importantly, the app also functions as a smart passcode generator in case you’re struggling to come up with an easy-to-remember yet secure password.

Use these instructions to enable 1Password on Your Apple Watch:

1. You can add 1Password to Your iPhone and wearable by clicking the button that you can click below.

2. Install the password manager application.

3. Navigate to its Settings interface. Then, go to the Settings interface Apple Watch.

4. Click on the Enable Apple Watch option. You will see it on the screen.

5. After you have set up the device after the setup, you can access 1Password to access the Apple Watch by pressing the wearable’s digital crown, and then it will show the keyhole.

To know the terms of the features of the app, you are able to access it through your watch. Read 1Password’s security and Privacy help website specifically for Apple Watch customers.

1Password is completely free to test for 30 days. After the trial period, you can purchase a subscription within the app.

Download on App Store


LastPass is another well-known brand in the field of password management. It stores and remembers your passwords automatically while protecting them from unauthorized users, which includes those behind the application. The app is able to do this due to the AES-256 encryption technology, which is a security method that is used by banks. LastPass will even take away the burden of entering long passwords onto an app or website. This is because it lets you fill in the password field with the correct passwords from your database in the app at a single tap.

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LastPass can be set up on Apple Watch. Apple Watch easily:

1. Install LastPass installed on Your iPhone and wearable by clicking the download link below.

2. Create a connection between the iPhone with your Apple Watch.

3. Access LastPass via your iPhone application dashboard.

4. Locate and open the Settings menu of the app.

5. Click on”Security” on the left menu.

6. Click on Authorize Apple Watch, then wait for a prompt to pop up.

7. Make sure you select OK when you see the option to allow you to not enter a passcode into your device.

8. After activation After activation, you are able to access the app via the Apple Watch via the LastPass search option, as well as vault icons.

LastPass is completely free, but you can upgrade to its premium level to access the features of a stricter and unlimited authentication.

Download on App Store

If you’re looking to look for additional options that work with Apple Watch support, we recommend looking through our complete list to find the best password management software of all time.

Save Your Apple Watch Passcode the Traditional Way

There are those who still prefer making notes with passwords on their mobile phones or even keeping an actual logbook of passwords.

If you’re like the majority of people, remember that writing passcodes using electronic notes or even paper is still useful. It’s as long as you are able to secure them by using an app or mobile phone lock or keeping them somewhere that only you are able to access. In the end, what’s most important is having other methods to get a copy back or to remember your passwords in the future.

Bonus Tip #2: Make Apple Watch and iPhone Unlock Simultaneously

Image taken by Dariusz Sankowski via Pixabay

Was the issue with your Apple Watch passcode you forgot? Have you decided not to make use of a password anymore? If so, there’s another method to unlock your Apple Watch without using the need for a password. This can save the time and effort of backing your passwords, too. You can purchase the Apple Watch to unlock when you unlock your iPhone.

Via the Apple Watch

1. When you have access, you have to Apple Watch. Go to the Settings interface.

2. Enter Passcode on the left menu.

3. Choose Unlock using iPhone from the options available.

Via the iPhone

1. Access The Apple Watch app via the iPhone home dashboard.

2. Find and select My Watch from the app’s home screen.

3. Tap Passcode to unlock using iPhone.

‘Forgot Apple Watch Passcode’ Problem Solved

The process of forgetting the Apple Watch passcode is no joke. If you lose the credentials that you have, you won’t have access to your device and its features, making your Apple Watch useless. Therefore, it is important to learn the best ways to get access to your device. It is best to have the skills even if you haven’t yet had the experience of not being able to access your password. This is the reason this guide is essential to read. With the help and tricks provided, the Apple Watch passcode problem is resolved and won’t be a problem in the near future!

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