8 essential Fe tips to know before you play

Fe can make you feel secure. The beautiful scenery, charming soundtrack and cute collection of critters hide a game that can sometimes be frustrating to play. Don’t worry; you won’t get lost in the woods among those Silent Ones. I’m here for your help. These are eight things that I wish I had known before I started playing Fe.

1. There are no tutorials, but there are… stones

The occasional button prompt might be helpful in the beginning stages of Fe. It can be confusing to work out if you have to pull the monster’s tailor give it a berry to behave like you. Before you start throwing your controller out the window in a fury, look around for stones that emit pixelated pulses. You can sing at any one of these stones to unlock a cryptic image that will usually give you at least some clues about what you need to do next.

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2. The map is not your friend

The map is also strangely obscure. Although it’s technically top-down, the waypoints can be confusing. You could be standing on top and not be able to see what you are supposed to be looking for. Although it will help you determine the direction you should be heading, it won’t make you use the map.

3. You can enlist a bird guide to help you

Your little bird friend is here to help you understand the map. You’ll find a small bird that you can summon by singing loudly for a while. He will then start tweeting about you. After that, hold down the sing button for a few seconds. He will fly away to show you where to go next or to interact with you. The bird can be used in conjunction with the map to make navigation easier through Fe’s forests.

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4. Just keep singing

Singing is the best thing you can do if you are stuck. You’ll find something waiting for you to shout in its direction if you sing at the trees, rocks, birds, and freakin’ bees. Dory said, “Just keep singing. Just keep singing. Keep singing, singing and singing.”

5. Some animals can be friend and foe at the same time

Be aware that the same creature can switch between friend or foe, so don’t start singing songs in their faces. Although the little guys are fine, the larger beasts should be watched. Sometimes, something that was once an enemy may turn out to be a friend. Don’t be dismissive, sing at all things, but also be cautious.

6. Watch for the jellyfish when you sing to the eye plants

The game’s main goal is to sing to animals, but some odd one-eyed plants also want to sing a few songs. They don’t just want to make fun of you; they want to help. You can sing along with them and then look out for the jellyfish that will emerge from them. You’ll find them triggering flower pads to grow, which will allow you to travel to higher elevations. They’re easy for people to miss, and the flowers don’t last forever, so be quick.

7. Collect as many pink crystals as you can

Shiny pink crystals scattered throughout the hubs give Fe new abilities. The tree climb is the easiest, and only one crystal is required. After jumping and running, I was able to glide. But with 75 crystals to collect, there are many more abilities. Although the game will guide you to the crystals needed to complete the tree climb or glide, I recommend that you go out and find as many as possible.

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8. Sing hard at robot heads

Disembodied robot heads are scattered throughout the forest. They look the same as those on the still-living Silent Ones but just a little smaller. The glittering crystal eyes will come out if you sing hard when you locate them. You will get a monster’s view of the forest if you pick it up. To fully understand Fe’s storyline, it is important to unlock all of the memories. There are twelve to be found, but most of them are located along the main story paths.

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