Far Cry New Dawn has done the unexpected: it’s turned *that* cult into your allies

You will find lush, green scenery and a lack of stars-and-stripes Americana. Most people you meet – including you – don’t remember what the world looked like before the bombs fell. Bwah, whippersnappers. I don’t believe I’m saying this. It’s true. The Apocalypse allows you to see Far Cry New Dawn and former enemies in a new light.

The return of Joseph Seed

The Apocalypse serves as a reset button for Far Cry New Dawn. It’s an opportunity for us to finally do what we have wanted for so long, bringing Far Cry into a post-apocalyptic world. The post-apocalypse has many similarities to Far Cry. It’s an open frontier with no laws, wildlife or nature, and there is a struggle between people trying to survive.” he explained.

Far Cry New Dawn is tied to Far Cry 5. This is because Joseph Seed’s cult has returned. There are some clues around the globe about what happened to Rook the Far Cry 5 player character. However, when it comes down to how the Apocalypse affected Joseph’s former and current baddie, things get a lot more clear.
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Decant, back in Far Cry 5, reminds me of Joseph Seed’s “trying” to protect people… in quite a demented manner. The bombs have reduced most of the thesis that he had preached in the previous game to ashes. Even though I did not get to meet Joseph in Far Cry New Dawn, Decant suggested that Joseph may be a different antagonist than he was before.

To find out the fate of Dutch, the man-bun-wearing cultist, I went to Dutch’s Island, where Far Cry 5 began. I am taken on a visual search that ends in entering the bunker from where Far Cry 5 began. Inside you will find a book that he wrote and notes from Rook. Bad news! They gave in to my request and became Joseph’s faithful followers. That’s a shame. Yes, I do. This twist is one of the most important indicators of how the Apocalypse changed characters from previous games. It doesn’t feel very pleasant knowing that Joseph brainwashed my Rook. They mentioned overwhelming feelings of guilt in their notes – it sounds like survivor’s guilt – and Joseph took advantage of this. Joseph could have been a good man in New Dawn if it wasn’t for exploiting the weak. I was horrified at how he made my Rook follow him during his years in the bunker. I now want to get revenge on Joseph, hoping that New Dawn will allow me to do it.

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Finally, “the world is kinda where he wanted… He wants to create a Utopia.” Decant explains that he is trying to get rid of the technology and the knowledge to avoid the same pitfalls that brought him to his knees. Although he finally has the new start he desired, it seems like he is having a crisis of confidence. It would be a fascinating twist to run into Joseph, an older frailer who is conflicted about his role in the events leading to the Apocalypse. His erratic state of mind wouldn’t mean that I would hesitate to shoot him in the eye. God, that man is a horrible thing.

Like father, like son?

Surprise surprise! Joseph kept the book in his family and passed the leadership of the village over to Ethan. Despite being pissed that he found the book instead of him, Ethan isn’t Joseph’s son, you would expect. Ethan is smart, cunning and eager to maintain his leadership position. He feels that he walks a thin line between a valuable if manipulative, ally and a potential villain. It’s becoming very frustrating for Ethan because people follow him but still refer to his father. They still hope he returns, which puts [Ethan] into a special position.

One thing is certain: neither of them will give up their top dog position easily. Ethan has helped me to a place I never thought I would be. I assist the cult in rekindling their ritual fire at the base of the ruined Joseph statue. That’s the one that you destroyed in Far Cry 5. It’s a bit embarrassing. It was quite funny. He waits until it becomes desperate before he speaks, making everyone wait for his every word. He might be more Joseph-like than I thought.


Ethan may be related to Joseph through blood. However, he speaks of his father’s madness while he examines the book I have brought him. He is independent of his father, which makes him more unpredictable than the village members. Ethan is clearly in control of New Eden’s power vacuum. His apparent reluctance of letting it go and his apparent lack of desire to give it up reminds me of Mickey and Lou, the central villains of Far Cry New Dawn. Ethan uses the faith of his village to keep his father’s bloodline unwaveringly loyal while they continue to retain power by violence. This level of manipulation and intimidation is either impressive or frightening. However, Ethan’s actions clarify how blurred lines can be between leader and villain in New Dawn. Shudder.

New Dawn, new Far Cry

Far Cry 5’s Joseph’s impending return isn’t the only thing shaking up the Far Cry formula. “We’re trying hard to ensure that Far Cry 5 is still a place you’re able to be in and understand the current events,” he said. There are also a few firsts in New Dawn that make it feel more like an RPG. You could go in with all your guns blazing, and everything would be okay, but that was before. I can tell you that coming across a level-3 cougar makes it a frightening test of flight or fight, making it riskier to travel across the post-apocalyptic wilderness. You’ll be seriously considering whether you have the resources to travel on foot, given the limited supply of ammunition and unreliable weapons (my gun jammed several times during a fight).

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The introduction of enemy levels makes you think twice before you face an enemy. This is a sign that New Dawn values those who enjoy a challenge. You can now choose to allow the enemy Highwaymen to take over conquered outposts, which will reinforce them and make it even harder (but not impossible!) to reclaim them. Talking to Roger Cadoret, an NPC, allows you to participate in Expeditions to Arizona or California. These missions are difficult as hell and have three difficulty levels. However, completing them will give you sweet, powerful loot. New Dawn’s emphasis on replayability and testing players means that New Dawn is filled with firsts. This makes the new era in the post-apocalypse the perfect setting. Decant says that Far Cry New Dawn is about “tough themes of a world on the verge of collapse… it’s all hope, it’s about a game about new beginnings”. Now all you have to do is wait for February 15th, when you can participate in that new beginning.

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