Enhance and Improve Your Business Using Technology

Whenever I hear the word technology! Immediately I’m triggered. I have a great, interest in any tool that makes work and life easier. For years we as people have been creative in our inventions, making various types of electronics and machines to assist us every day.

There are like-minded people across the world who can relate, we always feel grateful to have such luxuries. One of the greatest inventions to date is the computer. It has made a great impact in our lives, assist us in communication, manage and improve production, for small and industrial companies.

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Lack of interest

I know of folks who have no interest in some, modern technology.
There numerous people, who don’t know how to use a computer, neither a smartphone. Those people are probably older than you and me. Some are just not interested in it due to some sort of ideology. Even if someone was to show him or her, how to utilize a particular device for work relations they’d still find an excuse not to learn.

An elderly friend of mine operates a small business, where he makes craft leather sandals. Now and then I’d see him on his Smartphone, not doing anything of great significance; he’s just watching random funny videos or listening to classical music.

I once interrupted him and introduced an app most of us love so much. I suggested that he take some quality photos and placed them on Instagram. ‘’what is that?” he asked. I explained in detail how the platforms work and how he would benefit. But still, my friend was not interested even if it was easier for him to get potential customers by showing his creativity. ‘’I like the old way of doing things” he replied.

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In my mind that was not the truth because he loves his phone. We talked further on the matter until he mentioned that it would be too complex for him to learn, it’s going to take a while because he’s not young and smart like some people. He was never taught how to use a computer growing up; in his younger year’s he did not have access to such high-end electronics.


Technology can improve and enhance your business.

These tools will boost your business

  • Use emails as means of communicating with customers.
  • Create a website.
  • Use social platforms to network with and bring attention to your business.
  • Use productivity apps

Finding innovative ways to run a business is one of the keys to success. Every individual who is thinking about starting should keep this in mind. Technology is always evolving and improving, there is no way of going around it, doing so will result in some of us getting left behind.


Educate yourself

Let’s say you are not technologically advanced! You can still educate yourself without going to your local community college. The possibility of learning how to utilize technology to your fullest potential is endless. There are millions of documentation on the web in words, audio and, video.

Learn in phases; use Google to search for whatever you wish to learn. Make notes of tutorials in case you forgot something; you can rely on what you have written down.

If you are going to create your first website, it won’t be as hard as it used to be. A novice can create his or her website within minutes, by using the ‘’drag and drop’’ tools. There is even information built in to explain the functions of whatever feature you are going to apply to the website.

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Watch and learn

I worked with a company for years my first job after high school. During my time as an apprentice I did not know much; neither did I own a computer. Out of curiosity, I would go into the lab whenever I get my lunch break. Men and women were at their Desked using computers for printing and editing.

I was so eager to learn not because it looked cool, but I was thinking farther ahead. If I learned how to use the computer for work I can get work done quicker. I was not embarrassed to ask questions, I asked them a lot. Even the technicians who would come in for maintenance of the computer network, I’d be standing looking over their shoulders. Over the years I have learned on my own, Every day I learned something new.

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