Destiny 2 Withered Plumes: How to find the Circle of Bones and finish the Essence of Obscurity

To complete the Shadowkeep expansion’s Essence of Obscurity, you will need the Destiny 2 Withered plume. This grants the submachine gun Every Waking Moment. At this point, it is only an item to add to your collection as it has been permanently sunsetted (that is, power capped). It’s worthwhile to complete the Essence quests. Here’s a guide to help you find the Circle of Bones and Destiny 2 Withered Plumes.
The underground hub of Hellmouth’s Hellmouth depths, the Circle of Bones, is it. It is accessible via all the main routes, which also leads to everything else. You can reach the Circle of Bones by any of the main paths. However, we recommend the one northwest of the Moon’s southern landing zone. Take the west path, and then head slightly north until you reach the open area. Then go through the old laboratory at the top.
Continue to descend and continue straight, past the Hall of Wisdom. You’ll eventually reach the Circle of Bones. You will find the Destiny 2 Withered Plumes to your left. So hug the railing to the left and go counterclockwise. The Hive can be ignored or killed along the route.

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With a bit of railing to your side, you’ll soon reach a dead end. The Withered Plumes are likely to be found on the railing. Grab them, and you’ll be ready to complete your Essence of Obscurity.

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