DDoS Guard’s Database for Sale on a Hacking Forum

According to the record from Group-IB, the data source and source code of DDoS-Guard is up for sale in a hacking discussion forum. DDoS-Guard is utilized by different debatable sites like pirate websites, therefore being a target for legal rights owners for a long period of time. Currently, a vendor is supplying the data source of DDoS-Guard states it consists of details of various pirate site operators, thus worth $350,000.

DDoS-Guard Database for sale

On the internet debatable sites like betting entities, spammers, pirate websites, etc., utilize DDoS-Guard for strengthened safety and security against their facilities. DDoS-Guard is a CDN like Cloudflare, which frequently checks for destructive traffic as well as obstructs any kind of possible hacks. Therefore, it’s a required guard for each website that gets on the list of law enforcement.

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MPA has actually nominated the DDoS Guard for including in the USTR’s listing of infamous websites of 2020, as it provides a haven to the pirate websites. These CDNs hurt the civil liberties holders and also copyright teams because they provide a guard to infringers and slow-moving as well as commonly ignore the takedown notifications they whine about.

While the DDoS-Guard isn’t included in the 2020’s list of USTR’s infamous websites, it now has larger trouble to deal with. Based on Group-IB, the source code and also a database of DDoS-Guard is up for sale in a hacking online forum. The vendor has attached the rate at $350,000 for the entire pack, minimized from $500,000 to draw even more prospective customers. While the offering can not be confirmed given that the vendor didn’t share any examples, he declared that the data source consists of recognizable details of several DDoS-Guard’s clients.

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These may include the details regarding several pirate sites’ proprietors also. He specifically mentioned the RuTracker operators’ information, a historical as well as popular Russian pirate site. As declared by the vendor as DDoS-Guard’s clients’ names, IP addresses, and also payment information, info is had in the database. The package includes the resource code of the DDoS Guard’s facilities, the message checks out.

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